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Can That Be True? How to Spot an Illegitimate Claim on Social Media

Have you seen the commercial where a man and women are discussing truths and the woman always replies that it must be true because she “read it on the Internet.” The commercial then closes by the woman meeting up with her online boyfriend who claims to be (but is so very obviously not) a “French model”?

With the Internet being our primary source for information these days, it’s hard to remember that what is on the Internet is only as good the source reporting the information.

Both the glory and the pitfall of Internet information is that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can publish information on ANYTHING. Read more >

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Dealing with Comp Time: Compensatory Time Implications and Practices

One of the benefits your municipality may offer is the ability for employees to earn compensatory (comp) time off. But anyone who’s ever been involved with the comp time process pretty quickly understands that there is a lot of grey area about how it should be managed, especially when working with non-exempt staff.

For hourly, or non-exempt staff, comp time can be an alternative to overtime pay. But here are a few considerations you need to understand before issuing comp time.

What qualifies as comp time?

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), compensatory, or comp time, is time off as paid time away from the job. Read more >

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Every Data Storage Device WILL Fail! What You Need to Know

Replacing File:Handbuch Webdesign-InternetDate...Believe it or not, “Every data storage device will fail at some point in time. Every server will fail at some point in time. Every electrical grid will experience an outage at some point in time. And, every Internet Service Provider will experience an outage at some point in time.” — Thomas Toblin, 5 FAQs Municipalities Ask About Hosted Billing & Web Billing Software Providers for Utility Billing Services.

These are the realities of data security, and why more people are looking at Cloud-hosted software in an effort to reduce data security risks.

These vulnerabilities – and the potential to reduce them for our clients – are the very reason Black Mountain Software recently selected Amazon as our infrastructure-as-a-service partner for our hosted accounting and billing software. Read more >

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Tips for Office Moves

Ah the pains of moving.  The drywall dust in your coffee, the banging of a hammer while on the phone, and the unorthodox placement of common office equipment like the copy machine.  It’s anything but pleasant, and here at Black Mountain Software, we are feeling the everyday pains of both moving an office and converting a once-residential property into a corporate office. Which is why we thought the timing of an article on easing the pains of an office move was perfect!

Tips for Office Moves

Get the details.  Find out where your new office will be, what kind of office arrangement has been determined, and when the move will take place. Read more >

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