Every Data Storage Device WILL Fail! What You Need to Know

Replacing File:Handbuch Webdesign-InternetDate...Believe it or not, “Every data storage device will fail at some point in time. Every server will fail at some point in time. Every electrical grid will experience an outage at some point in time. And, every Internet Service Provider will experience an outage at some point in time.” — Thomas Toblin, 5 FAQs Municipalities Ask About Hosted Billing & Web Billing Software Providers for Utility Billing Services.

These are the realities of data security, and why more people are looking at Cloud-hosted software in an effort to reduce data security risks.

These vulnerabilities – and the potential to reduce them for our clients – are the very reason Black Mountain Software recently selected Amazon as our infrastructure-as-a-service partner for our hosted accounting and billing software.

Explaining further, Black Mountain Software’s Director of Engineering Chris McGuinness stated, “The most important reason we chose Amazon cloud services was because of reliability. Our software – no matter how it is accessed – needs to be reliable for the end user. Other really important reasons for choosing Amazon were their security – both electronic and physical – and the simplicity and solid design of their infrastructure management tools.”

When selecting a service provider, we looked for redundancies in the infrastructure, which helps mitigate risk areas.  Specifically, we looked for a cloud partner that could offer the following, guaranteeing the highest level of data security possible for our customers:

  • RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) technology on their servers.  RAID creates multiple copies of your data on multiple drives on a single server.
  • Daily backup regimens to an independent drive on an independent server. With our service, we make copies of the entire machine and drives every day, a rolling 10-day backup with monthlies, and use third party offsite backups (similar to Carbonite.com) for offsite copies.
  • Multiple Internet Service Providers to connect to the Internet.
  • Multiple power sources which initiate in the event of a power failure.
  • Physical and electronic security with frequent testing, outside audits, and the highest industry standards and certifications.

via National News Today, 5 FAQs Municipalities Ask About Hosted Billing & Web Billing Software Providers for Utility Billing Services.

For our clients that have made – or will be making – the switch to the cloud, all of these additional security measures are standard with your cloud package thanks to our partnership with Amazon. To find out more about how to make the switch to the cloud, check out our website “how-to” on converting to cloud, or call Teresa or Melissa in our Sales Department at 800-353-8829 (select 3 for Sales).

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