Tips for Office Moves

BMS Office Remodel – Drywall in the new office

Ah the pains of moving.  The drywall dust in your coffee, the banging of a hammer while on the phone, and the unorthodox placement of common office equipment like the copy machine.  It’s anything but pleasant, and here at Black Mountain Software, we are feeling the everyday pains of both moving an office and converting a once-residential property into a corporate office. Which is why we thought the timing of an article on easing the pains of an office move was perfect!

Tips for Office Moves

Get the details.  Find out where your new office will be, what kind of office arrangement has been determined, and when the move will take place.

Know how much you are expected to help. Get an idea of how much–or little–you are expected to do to help with the move.  This will help you prepare and determine exceptions ahead of time, while also helping ensure you are contributing what is expected of you.

Clean and de-clutter. An office move is the perfect time to determine what goes and what should stay.  Take this opportunity to sort your office into piles: 1) Items that are moving with you, 2) Items that belong to someone else or belong somewhere else, 3) Items to be recycled, and 4) Items to be tossed. If moving to a smaller office, keep this in mind as you make your way through your office space, so you will be more open-minded to getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

Follow up on protocol. When sorting through office papers, get a good understanding of company protocol for keeping, shredding, recycling, and filing documents.

BMS Office Remodel – Insulation is in

Organize.  Now that you know what’s going and what’s staying, organize your office for a fresh start.  Alphabetize files, place items you use most close-by, file away documents that are shared, and label documents correctly.

Donate. As you are going through items to keep and toss, remember that there are a variety of places to donate items no longer in use. You can recycle or donate old computers, mouses and keyboards, as well as school and office supplies.

Make it fun.  On moving day, try to make it as pleasant an experience as possible, which brings good karma to the new space.  Pump up some tunes, bring in a pizza, and maybe even reward yourself with a new office plant or fish.

Arrange the new space.  A new space requires new adjustments to your monitor, chair, and keyboard.  Be sure to review the new space to make sure it is as ergonomic as possible.

Remember: Safety first. When moving objects, ask for help with large, heavy, or awkward items.  Don’t pick up things that are too heavy for you, and always lift with your knees (not your back). Be especially careful when moving items over your head, while on a ladder, or while twisting and turning, as these movements are the most common with back injuries. Moving can be a pain in the neck, but it doesn’t have to be a pain in the back!


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