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Tools for Users: Black Mountain Software’s Built-in Online Help

online help bmsGuest Blog by Barbara Thomas, Support Specialist

Back in the last century when my husband brought home his first PC, he wanted to learn everything about it. Doing this required printing a user manual (several hundred pages long) off the computer. About a tree’s worth of paper and one printer cartridge later, it was finally ready.

After patiently adding paper and watching the ink drain and dredge from the vessel, it didn’t take long to wean us from the printing habit when it came to using the computer. Neither of us referred to the printed manual in the four-plus years of the computer’s service; it sat on a shelf until we remembered it was a one-sided print job and we could use the reverse side for everyday printing (office paper recycling was a challenge to find back then). Read more >

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Capital and Operational Cost Savings with a Cloud Solution

High_above_the_Cloud_the_Sun_Stays_the_SameYou’ve probably heard a lot about the “Cloud” and how more cities, schools, and government agencies are using it because of reliability, data backup benefits, and cost.  But what’s the bottom line? In other words, what’s the total cost of ownership (TCO)?  Is it too good to be true, or are there true, tangible cost savings to be had by converting to Cloud?

To understand the true savings benefits, we must breakdown the costs into two categories.  Attention accountants!  This one’s for you: Capital versus Operational Savings.

Capital Cost Savings

On the capital side, there is a variety of savings to be had because of the cost of software and upgrades. Read more >

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Keys to High Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction

What’s the big deal about employee retention? Though it’s hard to project the exact numbers, it is estimated that employee turnover costs employers anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5 to two times the employee’s annual salary in direct and indirect costs. Some of the costs associated with the loss of an employee include:

  • Cost of hiring a new person
  • Time cost and direct cost of training a new employee and getting them up to full capacity
  • Loss of productivity
  • Lower employee morale
  • Lower customer service
  • More errors

After recently celebrating the 20 year anniversaries of Jayne Devlin, BMS Accounting Installation Manager, and Stacy Violett, BMS Utility Billing Software Development Lead,  we thought, “what better time to talk about retention than now?”

What does it take to hire and retain quality employees? Read more >

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