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online help bmsGuest Blog by Barbara Thomas, Support Specialist

Back in the last century when my husband brought home his first PC, he wanted to learn everything about it. Doing this required printing a user manual (several hundred pages long) off the computer. About a tree’s worth of paper and one printer cartridge later, it was finally ready.

After patiently adding paper and watching the ink drain and dredge from the vessel, it didn’t take long to wean us from the printing habit when it came to using the computer. Neither of us referred to the printed manual in the four-plus years of the computer’s service; it sat on a shelf until we remembered it was a one-sided print job and we could use the reverse side for everyday printing (office paper recycling was a challenge to find back then).

What a brave new world we are in today! The comics illustrate children asking, “What’s a phone book?” It’s expected that our reference resources come from our techno-tools, inviting a much less cluttered environment at home and at the office. And now, Black Mountain products are on top of this world since the introduction of the BMS Online Help feature.

Online Help is accessible from the moment you open the software application!

To use it, login to the software, and from any screen, press the F1 key on the keyboard. This will open BMS Online Help in a new window on your computer monitor. Alternately, from the menu bar on any screen, you can simply select Help] Help. It will open to the Online Help page relevant to exactly where you are in the software. You can browse Help information right there, or choose from three search options available: 1) via a filterable search bar, 2) via following the regular menu down the left column, or 3) by pasting in an Online Help URL provided by BMS Support specifically in answer to your question.

Since the Online Help pages are updated to reflect recent software changes and improvements, they are the recommended reference for software users. There still may be times when you want to print a section and personalize it with notes on specific menu selections you make to generate your data or run your procedure. Small sections are printable for exactly this purpose.

A cumbersome and outdated paper manual may still reside in your office as a historic reference, but chances are it may just collect dust as this century hurries along

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