Small Town Stories: McRae, Georgia

McRae Monument: A mini Statue of Liberty

McRae Monument: A mini Statue of Liberty

Recently, we found out some exciting ­news: The cities of McRae and Helena, Georgia (sister cities) are merging January 1, 2015, and have chosen Black Mountain Software as their software partner.

While Helena has long been a BMS customer, we are just now getting acquainted with the tidy little town of McRae! We expect to get to know them very well in the upcoming months, as a city merger is no “little” thing no matter what size the town.

The combining of cities means the combining of everything they do and every process they have into one “new” city: utility billing, property tax collection, bank accounts, even the stationary heading!

But before this entire merger happens, we wanted to take a moment to highlight McRae, by itself, for maybe the last time!

About McRae, Georgia

McRae, Georgia, has been around for more than 140 years, but despite its lengthy incorporation, its population hovers around 5,700. That’s probably because a 3.4 square-mile town wouldn’t accommodate too many more!

The name for the small town is Scottish, named after a pioneering family who settled there and aided in moving the county seat there. Though the official name of the town is the City of McRae, unofficially McRae is called “The Crossroads City.” That’s because there are four major highways that all cross through McRae: the 319, 441, 280 and 341!

Historical McRae

Historical McRae

Some of the things that bring people to McRae to stay include a stellar safety rating (it is considered the 7th safest city in Georgia), forgiving weather, and close proximity (2-1/2 hours) to Atlanta and the Atlantic Coast. McRae is the perfect combination of city life and country life; residents are just a short distance from beaches, fishing, hunting, hiking, golf, shopping and restaurants.

Besides being the 7th safest city, the surrounding Telfair County holds a few records of its own: the record for the largest Large Mouth Bass ever caught and Georgia’s Whitetail Deer record. McRae was also the home of two former Georgia governors: Eugene Talmadge and Herman Eugene Talmadge.

If your visit to McRae involves staying close-in to the town center, check out the local offerings, including a mini-replica of the Statue of Liberty, a replica of the Liberty Bell, and a marble Memorial for those who have died serving their country.

Congratulations to both McRae and Helena for their upcoming sisterly adoption! We look forward to working with you both, together!

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