Small Town Stories: Helena, Georgia

helena-ga-telfair-county-museum-of-history-railroad-depot-small-town-america-photo-ccopyright-brian-brown-vanishing-south-georgia1Recently, we ran a story on the friendly merger of two sister cities in Georgia: McRae and Helena. We are thrilled that during this transition, the cities have decided to merge their software, too, and now McRae will join Helena as part of our Black Mountain Software family.

While McRae is new to us and that is very exciting, we feel that we haven’t done enough talking about how much Helena—a BMS customer since 2006–has meant to us. Over the years, we have enjoyed the southern friendliness and courtesy in our working relationship with the clerks and city manager of Helena: Janeen Tokar (City Manager), Allison Cox (UB Clerk), and Heather Livingston (City Clerk). In fact, it was Janeen who encouraged McRae to jump on-board with BMS, saying she “couldn’t imagine using anything different.”

McRae, on the other hand, has also encouraged some technology upgrades during the merger. McRae, which has three times the number of accounts that Helena has, currently operates with cloud technology, while Helena does not. The goal is to get McRae onboard with Black Mountain Software while also converting both cities to the BMS Cloud.

helena-ga-telfair-county-fire-department-station-granitoid-block-architecture-small-town-photo-ccopyright-brian-brown-vanishing-south-georgiaAbout Helena:

The City of Helena, Georgia is a small, friendly southern town in the Telfair and Wheeler counties. The entire city limits total just over two square miles, though Helena is able to fit a lot within those small city limits: 2,300 people, a historical museum, instructional center, a number of churches, and shopping.

Just a short drive away is Little Ocmulgee State Park, where visitors can enjoy an 18-hole golf course, 60-room lodge, restaurant, meeting room, and of course, lots of outdoor recreation. In fact, the area surrounding Helena is rich with outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, and hiking.

With a population where 30 percent of the residents have children living with them, education is a big deal in Helena, and the county boasts an “excellent school system.”

Historical Helena, GA

Historical Helena, GA

While both Helena and McRae are making history with this sister city merger, Telfair County seems to have an abundance of historical significance all its own. In fact, the 2,000 acre plot of land near McRae and the Ocmulgee River has recently been a part of an excavation project by the Fernbank Museum of Natural History after evidence of a 16th Century Spanish settlement was found there. Archaeologists suspect that the artifacts date back to a settlement in 1526.

Congratulations again, Helena and McRae, on the merger! We are excited to continue our relationship with you as this merging continues of two historical, recreational, and (still) small towns.

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