New BMS Cloud Platform Comes With New Enhancements

Cloud ScreenshotAt Black Mountain Software, we strive to provide our cloud-hosted government accounting and utility billing clients with the best available working environment that we can.

With the arrival of 2014, it became time for us to retire our local servers that host our clients’ data and begin moving clients to our newest cloud platform. Our newest platform includes greater up-time and performance and the clients we are hosting on it couldn’t be happier.

General software usage on the new platform will not change, but there will be some slight differences with this newer platform that we would like to introduce you to:

The BMS Dashboard – The biggest change with the new platform is that clients now have a single shortcut that opens a ‘dashboard’ from which they access all of their BMS applications and receive helpful newsfeed items. Prior to the move, we email a training document that covers BMS Dashboard use in detail – although clients haven’t had to spend much time with it because using the dashboard is quite simple.

Printing – Printing has also been simplified. The “old” way of printing required clients to select the specific printer they wanted to use from the print dialog. Now, the TSPrint client uses your default printer. If you ever want to change printers, simply change the default printer on your local workstation. TSPrint will also allow you to save PDFs directly to your desktop.

FAQs Regarding the Server Retirement

Q: What is the cost/additional cost?

A: There are no additional costs involved with moving currently hosted clients to the newer platform. Annual cloud hosting fees cover all hosting related costs, including the platform improvement.

Q: How much downtime can clients expect to make the move?

A: Downtime is minimal. Smaller clients can expect an hour or two, while clients with more users will take longer.

Q: During the move, is client data still backed up and updated?

A: Yes! Nightly backups are made and moved off-site. Users, however, are still responsible for procedural backups. Applications receive updates as frequently as monthly.

Clients who have questions about the move or want to get a sneak peek, should contact BMS Accounting Support at 800.353.8829 (select 1 for Support).

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