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Saying “YES”: Five Ways To Spot Good Customer Service

WallBannerThe first week of October marks a new annual holiday being celebrated at Black Mountain Software: Customer Service Week!

To get things started this year, we had each of our Customer Support team members fill out a thought bubble poster that said, “I say YES to…” or “I’m always thinking about…” Their responses were heartfelt and revealing. They relayed that the Black Mountain Software brand principles of friendliness, knowledge, reliability, and responsiveness are alive and well in our Support team members. Obviously, our Support Specialists and Support Managers are at the heart of how Black Mountain Software has been able to build a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Read more >

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The Importance of Water Conservation

The drought-filled summer months that many cities and utility districts have experienced in 2014 have made it clear that high availability of water tends to be taken for granted by residents. We flip on a faucet and enjoy water any time we wish – and don’t think about what a wonderful luxury it really is to have clean abundant water always available at our fingertips. The truth is, only a little over 2% of the world’s water is fresh water and only 1% is accessible drinking water.

In wide-spread drought times, we become more aware that there are many areas of the US where water conservation is almost always a concern and not so taken for granted. Read more >

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Time Saver Tip: BMS’s Budget Prep Software Helper

school budgetingGuest Blog By: Teresa, BMS Sales Manager and former Montana school clerk

In the life of many school accounting and municipal accounting professionals, there is a time of year far scarier than October 31: budget preparation season!

If you are a clerk who dreads starting next year’s budget process, due to worrying that you may put the wrong equation in your Excel spreadsheet or may forget to add a one-time expenditure, Black Mountain Software has a solution for you: our Budget Preparation module.

When it comes to preparing your school or municipal budget, there are so many little things to remember, check, and double-check. Read more >

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Just Released: Section Reporting Question Nixed if it Doesn’t Apply

Opening and closing question marksHow can we make the lives of utility billing clerks a little easier? This is the question that runs through our minds on the daily. Sometimes, it’s not about making something new, but rather, making something that already exists work a little better. This was the case with one little section reporting question in our Utility Billing program…

Since the beginning of time (okay, really just since Version 2.0130 in the late 1990’s), BMS Utility Billing software has had a screen that requires clerks to answer yes or no (“Would you like to select a section?”) before proceeding with their report run. Read more >

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