Time Saver Tip: BMS’s Budget Prep Software Helper

school budgetingGuest Blog By: Teresa, BMS Sales Manager and former Montana school clerk

In the life of many school accounting and municipal accounting professionals, there is a time of year far scarier than October 31: budget preparation season!

If you are a clerk who dreads starting next year’s budget process, due to worrying that you may put the wrong equation in your Excel spreadsheet or may forget to add a one-time expenditure, Black Mountain Software has a solution for you: our Budget Preparation module.

When it comes to preparing your school or municipal budget, there are so many little things to remember, check, and double-check. Just maintaining a spreadsheet alone is a headache, and when you begin adding all the data, the headache just keeps getting bigger and scarier!

But what if you could dump your current expenditures and budget into a play (experiment) model? Maybe you’d like to try raising expenditures by, say, 3 percent to see what happens – or increase a certain range of object lines by 5 percent, and lower the rest? Maybe you’d even like to save some of those play scenarios to share with others? With Black Mountain Software’s Budget Prep module, you can do all of this! The software allows you to actually SEE the full impact of hypothetical budget changes.

Built into Budget Prep is the ability to let you play with wage increases – plus it integrates fully with BMS’ Payroll software if you have that product. When an employee says he makes $25,000 a year, that really means more like $34,000 for the school district or municipality once benefits are added in. As a clerk, it also means splitting those costs amongst a dozen or so expenditure lines, so one small change means a big impact! With BMS Budget Preparation software, all these things can be done quickly, accurately, and effortlessly. You can create multiple scenarios to present to the board or negotiation team, and making changes is a snap!

BMS’ Budget Prep module is a win-win for the board/council and for you! Everyone can see the impact of several changes almost instantaneously, and once you have a budget you like, with a push of a button, you can export it right into your BMS Accounting program.

Take the scary out of school budget preparation and city budget preparation with the help of Black Mountain Software.

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