Saying “YES”: Five Ways To Spot Good Customer Service

WallBannerThe first week of October marks a new annual holiday being celebrated at Black Mountain Software: Customer Service Week!

To get things started this year, we had each of our Customer Support team members fill out a thought bubble poster that said, “I say YES to…” or “I’m always thinking about…” Their responses were heartfelt and revealing. They relayed that the Black Mountain Software brand principles of friendliness, knowledge, reliability, and responsiveness are alive and well in our Support team members. Obviously, our Support Specialists and Support Managers are at the heart of how Black Mountain Software has been able to build a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

YouRockBalloonTo show how much we value our Customer Support team members and the work they do, we treated them to some surprises during Customer Service Week. When they entered the office on Monday, October 6, 2014, they were greeted by signs and banners. At each of their desks, they found balloons, candy, and a personalized thank you note. What a positive way to start the work week! And then, of course, there was a Customer Service Week cake break on “hump day”!

To Black Mountain Software, customer service is more than just a fly-by thought bubble. We think Customer Service Week will help us honor our great Support team and brand principles and remind ALL of us to be customer-friendly year round. Although our Support Specialists provide faces and voices that customers tie CustomerServiceWeekCaketo our brand, it is clear to Black Mountain Software that there is no job, no office, and no title here that doesn’t impact the customer. We are all a part of the intricate web that makes for a happy customer experience.

So, as you finish reading this article, consider your job and think to yourself, “What is it that I say YES to?” And then think of more things you can say YES to, in order to enhance the customer experience.

Need some ideas? Well, consider these Five Ways to Spot Good Customer Service.

1. Good Customer Service Says YES to Listening. When you listen to your customer, they will tell you what they want: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Listening to your customers allows you to solve their problems, fix gaps in the system, anticipate their needs, and continue with what works well.

2. Good Customer Service Says YES to Appreciation. A good customer service organization makes customers feel important, appreciated, and special. Customers feel like an individual, and interactions are personable and sincere.

2014-10-03O-Na3. Good Customer Service Says YES to Efficiency. Knowing how things work, having the answers to questions, and being able to help the customer without having to work your way through the hierarchy are all important to good customer service. No customer ever wants to hear “that’s not my job,” or “I can’t help you with that.” Instead, they want their problem solved quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

4. Good Customer Service Says YES to Knowledge. You can’t help a customer if you can’t do your job. Knowing how to execute on requests, being able to answer questions, and knowing the right process are crucial to delivering good customer service. It’s not just about doing what is asked of you, but going above and beyond and anticipating needs based on your knowledge of the situation.

5. Good Customer Service Says YES to Apologies. Sometimes, things go wrong and humans make mistakes. It’s ok to apologize when that happens. Deal with problems immediately and let customers know what has been done to fix the matter. With every mistake, there is an opportunity to improve.

Join us in making great customer service a part of your organization all year round!

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