Time-Saver Tips: Using the Daily Time Card Module

imagesGuest Blog By: Teresa, BMS Sales Manager and former Montana school clerk

We all have busy jobs and are constantly trying to do more with less. Though processing of payroll and time cards is a necessary task, it’s not always the most efficient. That is why Black Mountain Software developed the Daily Time Card module for use with our school or municipal Payroll software.

Processing payroll pretty much kills a day (or two in some cases!). For example, in school administration, one must gather time sheets, fan through extra-curricular trips, verify teacher leave, and then, worst of all, sort out who subbed for who and how to pay the substitute teachers.

With Daily Time Cards, you can set up “Jobs” for each teacher. Substitute teachers can log in, select how many hours they worked, and view who they subbed for–the work is already done! The school clerk can even run a report by teacher to make sure the teacher has a leave slip turned in for each day a substitute was on duty. Not just one substitute, but all of them!

Another example of how BMS Payroll’s Daily Time Cards module can help you: How many times have you had an employee ask you if they have any vacation time available, despite it being printed right on their paystub? Well, with Daily Time Cards, your employees have access to it all: their timesheet, basic pay setup, pay history, and leave information. They can even print out old pay stubs themselves! Even if the staff member doesn’t use a timesheet, his/her employee portal is still easily accessed by the employee.

Utilizing a self-directed payroll inquiry system can save a LOT of office staff time. Imagine…No more looking up vacation pay, verifying leave, or re-printing paystubs!

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