Office Health Trend: Standing Desks


Standing Desk Set Up at Black Mountain Software

Standing desks are the latest trend for office workers looking to maintain a healthier working environment, joined by other office health trends such as the exercise bike desk and the treadmill desk. We even have a standing desk right here in our BMS offices!

Because they promote a healthy lifestyle during work hours, many offices have found wonderful benefits to providing employees with standing desks. Some of these benefits to standing desks include:

  • Reduction in obesity: Standing contributes to increased activity throughout the day, which results in a reduction of obesity.
  • Reduction in medical problems: Standing contributes to a reduction in the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic problems.
  • Reduction in cardiovascular disease: Tests have shown that people who spend more than two hours sitting every day are at a 125% higher risk of contracting cardiovascular disease. This risk is highly-reduced by standing and other exercise.
  • Reduction in risk of cancer: Sitting for long periods of time have been linked to cancer. Higher levels of biomarkers are found in people who sit for long periods of time, and this can contribute to increased cancer risk.
  • Lower long-term mortality risk: A 2012 study determined that the average American could increase his or her life expectancy by two years by reducing sitting time to three hours per day.

The benefits of standing desks, and particularly the benefits of alternating between standing and sitting throughout the workday, far outweigh the negatives; but for certain people that can’t stand on their feet for too long, or who have medical conditions, standing desks can have negative effects:

  • Sore feet: If the job requires long hours of standing, users may wish to obtain comfortable shoes with gel soles.
  • Not useful for laptops: Standing desks are not very favorable for laptops, as the screen positioning does not line up with the height of the standing desk. A combination of adjustable desk tilt and the adjustable screens of the laptops can alleviate this problem in some instances.
  • Varicose veins: Long hours of standing have been shown to contribute to varicose veins.
  • Awkward office arrangements” Not all office equipment was designed for standing desks, and can make the space awkward and disorganized.
  • Distraction: Standing desks promote movement, which can sometimes be distracting to other employees and visitors.

What do you think? Are standing desks the “new” modern-day office space?

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