Time Saver Tip: P-Card Credit Card Management Software by BMS

Are you already enjoying or still just thinking about getting in on the BMO P-Card rebates that MASBO is sharing with Montana school districts which use BMO’s Procurement Card (P-Card)? The P-Card and most bank credit cards offer sophisticated controls and aid in reducing paperwork. Rebates based on use activity are making P-Cards a particularly hot topic. They seem like the sweetest thing since Splenda!

As sweet as it all seems, tracking credit cards and vendor purchases can be quite a task for the school district clerk. For example, maybe you need to find an invoice but can’t remember when the item was purchased. Looking through an assortment of P-Card or credit card statements can be dizzying! But what if you could just pull up a report by who requested the purchase, or by which vendor or store the item was purchased from? With Black Mountain Software’s Credit Card Manager software (an add-on module for BMS Accounting), you can!

Having credit card management software with powerful search capability is sweet enough, but being able to reconcile statements quickly and easily makes our system even sweeter. If you have created Purchase Orders or entered the receipts as they were turned in, all you have to do is check them off as you enter the claim. Voila! Your statement is reconciled, your claim is entered, and you are ready to pay the credit card.

There is another bonus for Montana schools: Credit card payables are automatically reported in the proper place on the Montana Trustees Balance Sheet report.

Finally! A product that makes it as easy to reconcile the P-Card or credit card statement, as it is to use it!

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