Why Government is So Quick to Adopt The Cloud

English: Cloud ComputingUsually a late adopter, the Government is more commonly associated with “slow and secure” rather than “high tech and new.” But when it comes to the cloud, more and more local governments and municipalities are taking the leap, and cloud is quickly “changing everything in Government IT.”

We ran across an article in Government Technology about local government cloud adoption, and thought it was an interesting—though lengthy—read.

The article discusses how once counties and cities adopt the cloud for one thing (say, the County Appraisers office), the usability, cost-savings, and quickness encourages them to explore other areas where the cloud would be helpful.

Budget cuts have forced the hands of many small local governments, said Lauren Nelson, an analyst for Forrester Research. They’re out of data center space, so what do they do? It’s basically an outsourcing story, she said. The recession forced many local governments to scale back on IT costs and staffing. “Many have the same amount of work but half the team,” she said, so moving to cloud services, both hosted private and public, can help.

via: How the Cloud is Changing Everything for Government IT

Some of the reasons for the quick adoption of the cloud are the low cost to operate, the ability to access information from mobile devices, and the lack of issues of finding information when there is turnover. Because the cloud is easy to manage, it doesn’t take a large budget or huge IT team to execute. With cloud-based storage and applications, users enjoy the following benefits:

  • There is less software to buy, and no access licenses with a cloud-based solution.
  • Software upgrades are handled via the Cloud, so updates can happen immediately and without the assistance of IT people.
  • Cloud applications require no server hardware, network storage, backup systems, recovery systems, power or cooling systems, and the storage spaces, or utilities required to store and maintain them.
  • With no physical software downloads or hardware replacement, there is no upgrade and replacement costs.

Black Mountain Software customers, too, are seeing the benefits of working in a cloud-based application system. Among the benefits of utilizing the BMS Cloud, customers receive:

  • Data protection from damage in the event of local malfunctions, outages or disasters.
  • Reduced dependence on servers, networks and IT maintenance.
  • Automatic updates and backups.
  • Flexibility to access applications from multiple sites or outside locations.

If you are interested in reading more about the cloud, we recommend the following article from Government Technology. If you are a BMS customer, or considering becoming a BMS customer, contact our Sales team today to find out how the BMS Cloud may be of benefit to you..

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