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13 Ways to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

Through the years, Black Mountain Software has established a reputation of showing up at municipal and school conferences with some pretty creative promotional items. We wouldn’t want you to think we’ve fallen off the creative bandwagon when we begin to unpack and stack coffee mugs at our conference booth table this year, so we would like to suggest some clever, innovative ways to use the Black Mountain Software coffee mug.

While the first idea isn’t terribly imaginative, we think it will be popular; our creativity really begins to peak around item No. 11!

Conference Swag: How to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

1. Use your new mug to drink coffee. Read more >

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Helping A New Employee Transition

7K0A0868We recently posted an article about transitioning to a new job, and techniques for new hires that will help them make a successful transition into their new position. But what about the other side of the coin? What about hiring managers who are preparing for a new employee, or maybe even a new grad who has never worked before and is entering their organization?

If you have a new grad or new hire in your organization, there are a few techniques that can help make their transition more successful, allowing for a shorter transition time and more workplace satisfaction.

How to Help a New Hire With The Transition

  • Get to Know Your New Hire.
  • Read more >
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    Small Town Stories: Lucerne, Wyoming

    We love small towns! Why, you may ask? Well, working with small towns allows us to really get to know our customers personally to understand their special needs. For example, when Utility Billing Clerk Taylor Smalley from the town of Lucerne, Wyoming, called us needing a cloud-based solution for their utility billing operations so she could work from home and tend to her cattle, we thought, “we can relate to that and it’s exactly why we are in the business of small town software!”

    Cattle tending is just part of Taylor’s life in Lucerne, a town of 535 residents. Located in Hot Springs County, Wyoming, Lucerne is a 20-square mile plot of mostly land (The Bighorn River runs through it) in Central Wyoming, just north of Thermopolis. Read more >

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    Transition: Preparing for the Workforce

    7K0A0879Whether you are a post-grad student looking to enter the workforce for the first time, or in the process of making one of the seven (on average) career transitions most people make in a lifetime, transition can be a very difficult and nerve-racking undertaking.

    Transition is physical, psychological, and mental. A successful job transition means functionally succeeding at all the following factors:

    • Adopting the organization’s culture, vision, and methods
    • Making new relationships
    • Establishing your credibility, knowledge, and skill set
    • Learning a new job
    • Establishing and meeting the expectations of a new supervisor
    • Learning to manage your time
    • Setting new goals, objectives, and deliverables
    • Seeking feedback
    • Understanding cultural norms of a new organization (how meetings are conducted, understanding schedules, adapting to new management styles, and learning how to fit in)

    With so many factors that contribute to a successful immersion, it’s no wonder it can feel overwhelming starting a new job! Read more >

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    How The Cloud Protects Office Data

    English: Diagram showing three main types of c...Many organizations and government entities have chosen to store and access their data in the Cloud. But what’s so special about the Cloud?

    Well, while most use the Cloud personally for easier access to their data from anywhere, there is also a level of added security that comes with using a Cloud solution for data storage and backups.

    Because data stored on the Cloud is accessible to users from any location with internet access, it displaces the traditional server and hard-drive vulnerabilities of data being stored in a single location, making it more secure than data stored on company computers. Read more >

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