Small Town Stories: Lucerne, Wyoming

We love small towns! Why, you may ask? Well, working with small towns allows us to really get to know our customers personally to understand their special needs. For example, when Utility Billing Clerk Taylor Smalley from the town of Lucerne, Wyoming, called us needing a cloud-based solution for their utility billing operations so she could work from home and tend to her cattle, we thought, “we can relate to that and it’s exactly why we are in the business of small town software!”

Cattle tending is just part of Taylor’s life in Lucerne, a town of 535 residents. Located in Hot Springs County, Wyoming, Lucerne is a 20-square mile plot of mostly land (The Bighorn River runs through it) in Central Wyoming, just north of Thermopolis.

Within its county limits, Hot Springs County has dinosaur digs and the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, The Hot Springs County Museum, which boasts a collection of artifacts and stories of the region and its people. Hot Springs County is also home to Hot Springs State Park which includes a hot springs, and where the county aptly got its name.

Hot Springs County is the smallest county in Wyoming, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t forward thinking! Lucerne’s enthusiasm about hopping on the BMS cloud shows that they are ready to take on their software like a big city! We are excited to get them online, and encourage our current and future customers to investigate whether the BMS Cloud is the right option for them. To find out more about our cloud-based solutions, please contact BMS Sales at 800-353-8829.

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