13 Ways to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

Use it for coffee!

Use it for coffee!

Through the years, Black Mountain Software has established a reputation of showing up at municipal and school conferences with some pretty creative promotional items. We wouldn’t want you to think we’ve fallen off the creative bandwagon when we begin to unpack and stack coffee mugs at our conference booth table this year, so we would like to suggest some clever, innovative ways to use the Black Mountain Software coffee mug.

While the first idea isn’t terribly imaginative, we think it will be popular; our creativity really begins to peak around item No. 11!

Conference Swag: How to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

1. Use your new mug to drink coffee. Or get wild and drink tea or other beverages from it.

2. Eat your breakfast cereal from the mug rather than a bowl and you’ll have a Miss Manners-approved way to drink the milk left at the bottom when the cereal is gone.

3. Pop it in the microwave to heat up your lunchtime soup. No spoon needed because now you can just sip your soup from your nifty mug. This may also reduce laundry and stain removal expenses.

Use it to hold supplies!

Use it to hold office supplies!

4. Use your BMS mug as a desktop pen and pencil holder. Sharpies, letter openers, scissors, etc. are also fair game.

5. Repurpose your new mug as a toothbrush holder. This is an especially attractive option if your bathroom color scheme is blue and green with an outdoorsy mountain theme.

6. Skip the fancy kitchen gadgets and use the mug as a measuring cup. It holds 10 ounces of liquid or 1 ¼ cups of dry ingredients.

7. You probably have a lot of friends, family, and admiring coworkers who constantly send you flowers. The BMS mug can work as a vase for the smaller bouquets.

8. When filled with hot beverages, the BMS coffee mug doubles as a hand warmer. Beats wearing mittens while working.

9. Turn your mug upside down and you have a perfect stencil for tracing a 3 ½” diameter circle. Make sure the mug is empty before attempting this.

10. You can fit more things in a small space (i.e., your desktop) if items are of varying height. Try using the mug as a base to elevate an item on your desk, such as your beta fish bowl. For larger items, you’ll need more mugs; ask your BMS representative about that.

Use it as a phone base!

Use it as a headset base!

11. If you find yourself in a sinking raft, your BMS mug will be a great vessel for baling water. This mug has the power to save your life.

12. Feel like you have a black thumb? Use the mug as a terrarium for small plants that require little care. Let the mug help you enjoy successful, low-stress gardening from the comfort of your office chair.

13. The Black Mountain Software mug is actually high-tech. It can function as an amplifier for your mobile phone or iPod! Please do make sure the mug is empty before queuing up your favorite tunes and placing your electronic player inside of it. For detailed instructions about this idea and four more, watch the Howdini video “5 Clever Ways to Use a Coffee Mug.”

Use it as a measuring cup!

Use it as a measuring cup!

We’d love to hear YOUR creative ideas for using the BMS coffee mug; please share them by commenting below. We look forward to seeing you at a conference in 2015!

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