Conference Swag: How to Re-Use Your BMS Mint Tin

How to re-use your mint tin

How to re-use this cool mint tin

We’re all well-versed in “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” but how familiar are you with 20 Ways to Use Your Empty Mint Tin? Well, we’ve come up with a list for just that because Black Mountain Software will be giving away 2,000 tins of mints at conferences across the US in 2015 (see also, “How to Re-purpose Your BMS Conference Coffee Mug“)!

When all of the tasty mints are gone, there will be a lot of people wondering what to do with the tin. Whether it’s a mint tin or municipal or school accounting software, we want to help you get the most out of everything you get from Black Mountain Software.

Conference Swag Re-do: 20 Ways to Use Your BMS Mint Tin

  1. This one is pretty obvious: refill your empty Black Mountain Software mint tin with your favorite breath mints. Or breath strips, or minty fresh gum.
  2. Tuck goodies in your pocket

    Tuck goodies in your pocket

    A dentist-approved use of the BMS mint tin is using it to keep toothpicks, dental picks, and flossers handy at your office or in your purse or briefcase. This use is co-worker approved as well.

  3. If you’re thinking “what’s all this talk about fresh breath and healthy teeth?”, you’re probably more amenable to this use: keep a supply of candy like M&M’s, Skittles, Reece’s Pieces and Swedish Fish in the container once the BMS mints are gone.
  4. You can use the lid and bottom of the tin as desktop coasters for your water glass – one for you and one for visitors.
  5. The tin makes a handy storage container for small office supplies like push pins, tacks, paper clips, pencil erasers, etc.
  6. Big bottles of pain and headache relief pills got you down? Pour a small assortment of them into the tin and keep them handy in your desk drawer or your vehicle’s glove compartment or any other small convenient space.
    Store your ear buds

    Protect your ear buds

  7. The see-through top of the mint container makes it a natural for bug collecting. If you want your bug to live, punch a couple of small holes in the lid. If you’re more of an entomologist, the tin makes a handy little death chamber.
  8. This tin can provide a lint-free environment for giving your chewed gum a rest until you’re ready to chew it some more.
  9. Earbuds for your cell phone will store neatly and safely in this protective container.
  10. This tin is a fisherman’s best friend. Store your line, hooks, or even bait in it. It fits in your pocket for quick access.
  11. For those more interested in art than fish, the BMS mint tin can serve as a storage container for small craft supplies, like glitter, sequins, and googly eyes.
  12. Is your Christmas cookie cutter collection missing a snowball shape? Your BMS mint tin bottom and lid can resolve that little problem.
  13. Use as coasters

    Use as coasters

    Speaking of cookies, your mint tin is a great way to pack a cookie in your lunch box, providing the ultimate in protection for your Oreo, Chips Ahoy, or Fudge Stripe cookie.

  14. Keep jewelry from getting tangled up and mixed in with everything else in your purse when traveling. Drop your necklaces and earrings in the tin, snap on the lid, and go!
  15. Who needs a Petri dish for growing microbial cultures when you’ve got the BMS mint tin! If you do use your tin for scientific experiments, we’d love to see some photos. And please do mention us in your article submission to Science Journal.
  16. The tin makes it easy to store and view collections like bottle caps, small shells or rocks, special coins, buttons, gems, stamps, bellybutton lint and arrowheads.
  17. Turn it into an emergency sewing kit for your office, purse, or gym locker. Just add a miniature pair of scissors, a couple of spare buttons, safety pins, needles and thread in the colors you regularly wear.
    Store your buttons

    Store your button collection

  18. Get that loose change in your car under control by storing it in the BMS mint tin. Beats digging between seats and under floor mats trying to find a quarter or dime.
  19. Those incredibly tiny people and cars used in The Game of Life, the pegs to move around the Trouble board, the tokens for Monopoly…they’ll never go missing again if you keep them in a BMS mint tin!
  20. Make a miniature Zen sand garden that has the added bonus of having a lid! Fill the tin bottom with clean sand. Buy an eyebrow brush to use as a rake. Anytime you’re stressed, rake calming patterns in the sand until you reach your desired Zen state.

We’re sure you have ideas to add to this list. Please comment below to share them! We hope to see you at a conference in 2015!

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