Montana Road Warrior: “Snow Flies – When You’re Having Fun!”

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by: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator and Guest Blogger for the BMS County Traveling Road Show Series

These are the chronicles of one David Morton, road warrior on a mission to solve client problems for Black Mountain’s Governmental Accounting Software. What you are about to read is real.


Tale of a Man and a Snow Fly

January 23, 2015

I drove 1,567 miles last week; Polson to Columbus, Columbus to Red Lodge, Red Lodge to Forsyth, Foryth to Miles City, Miles City to Glendive, Glendive to Wibaux, Wilbaux to Ekalaka, and Ekalaka back.

The visibility was good. So good in fact, I was able to spot two of Montana’s little-known and elusive white Snow Fly. At the time, Sooby-cruise (my Subaru) was set to 79mpg; just slow enough for the Bakken-bound semi trucks to pass easily. Out the window, not a single inch of Montana winter-brown peeked from the snow. Sirius XM was tuned to stimulate my funny bone. But Steven Wright had me laughing with lethargic deadpan deliveries.

I figured it sounded easy enough, so I decided to try crafting a few of my own. Maybe I could make some of Black Mountain’s county customers smile. So I set about it. It turns out Steven Wright is a genius and I……well, I am just having a bit of fun. After some verbal stumbling, I realized that I had an audience: sitting antennae-lively on the steering wheel, a white fly faced me, front legs moving in a way that said, “snacking”. I realized at once it was a rarely seen Montana Snow Fly. However I was encouraged by its presence and went into my virgin comedic dialog.

I started with, “I love Government Accounting…but her name makes me uneasy.” The white fly flew a few inches up buzzed in a single circle and landed.

Taking this as a hearty laugh, I followed with, “I went to the Payroll Department to get a check…I was told I needed to be hired first. I said I would come back later to see if anything changed.”At this the fly flew up a little higher, buzzed in two circles and landed with its legs splayed out. This fly was laughing its abdomen off.

I hit stride with another, “My Property Tax is due. I guess it must have been fooling around. So I called the Assessor. It turns out I was right.” This time the White Fly flew up buzzed in three circles and crash landed on its back. It was dead. I thought this is great! I‘m so funny I’m killing ’em dead! It was encouraging.

About this time another fly landed next to the deceased and appeared to be rummaging through what could have been pockets. I am sure I heard it say something like, “yezzzzz, candied bacteria.” Then it turned and settled in, directly at me. I thought, “All right, I’m telling another white fly.”

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