Regaining Youthful Enthusiasm and Energy for a Positive Work Day

girlOnSwingChildren have an enthusiasm for learning that is unprecedented— and an outlook on time that is like no other. But as we get older, the days and years fly by and enthusiasm dwindles, or sometimes disappears completely.

At Black Mountain Software, we believe that a child-like enthusiasm for life and work fosters growth and happiness within your job. We have suggestions on how to boost your energy and enthusiasm levels, so that you can feel youthful excitement about tackling your work each and every day!

How to Get Your Youthful Enthusiasm and Energy Back

Open your eyes

Life is happening all around us, but most of the time we are too busy or otherwise preoccupied, and totally miss the fun and beauty around us. Open up your eyes, and take some deep breaths. This will increase energy immediately. As a matter of fact, deep breaths are like instant therapy for feelings of depression and fatigue.

Go to the lake, watch a sunset, hang out in a park—just do something inspirational that has beauty attached to it. Doing this one or more times per day can increase your enthusiasm, and bring back the feelings of love for life, learning, and beauty that you once experienced as a child.

Avoid inactivity and boredom

If you are just sitting around being bored, and your friends suddenly show up and want to go to the movies, to the lake, or out for a drive, notice how quickly your outlook changes? You perk up, you may even get a feeling if excitement, and your enthusiasm definitely increases. These are the moments that can define your happiness.

If you can create moments like this, it may not bring as much excitement since you already know about it ahead of time, but just the thought of getting away will bring a surge of enthusiasm, and it gives you a positive event to look forward to. Just creating one to three of these events per week can greatly improve your overall outlook on life, and can enhance your enthusiasm week-by-week. You can then use this enthusiasm to fuel your thirst for knowledge and learning, as well as improve your mood during the workweek.

adultsplayingTry to find the positive in every event

When negative occurrences happen to us, it’s sometimes hard to find the positive amongst the bad. But finding the positive instead of dwelling on the negative can greatly improve your outlook and increase your enthusiasm. Let’s say you accidentally knocked your laptop off of the table, and it broke on the floor. You can cry, you can be depressed, or you can use this tragedy as an excuse to go out and buy a new, more-modern laptop that has more features and makes you more efficient. This type of positive attitude can be directed at nearly all negative events that happen to you. This increased positive attitude will increase your enthusiasm for learning, and get you back on track for your studies.

Maintain energy

Enthusiasm builds from energy. If you are being lethargic, your energy levels are low, and your enthusiasm will drop as well. If you are being energetic, your enthusiasm will rise. Energetic activities such as running, working out, riding a motorcycle, and boating will give you large doses of energy that will last with you from day to day. This daily energy will also boost your enthusiasm for learning to high levels. You can hit the books, take an online course, or just browse the internet in order to increase your learning power.

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