How To: Have A Positive Attitude in 32 Words

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Have you ever wondered why some people get sick more often than others? Stress has long been attributed to both mental and physical health, but some believe there’s even more to it.

In fact, in my small little spiritual circle, there appear to be members who are immune to everything. This sort of immunity seems to suggest we have a little more control over our mood and destiny than we commonly believe.

In the last century, a Japanese gentleman named Mikao Usui developed a modality to help the willing student realize his potential to help others with healing. Today his system is known as Reiki (Ray-kee). In its context, the term “universal life energy” is often cited as its medium.

The discovery I want to share here is that in the course of developing Reiki as we know it today, Dr. Usui and his advocates who followed came to understand that within a healthy body, energy should flow free of blockages, and the intention of the practitioner will allow the healing energy thus invited to go where it’s needed.

I’m sharing the Reiki story here because its five Principles–in 32 words–identified by Dr. Usui is used to guide his students toward success as healers of others. While not everyone may be a follower of these Principles, this little chant of 32 words can help anyone explore the positivity conversation in their mind.

A Positive Attitude in 32 Words (with interpretations)

For Today Only,
Anger not.

What could be more destructive to YOU than holding onto negative emotions? Recognize and know that you are a higher and more powerful being than that.

For Today Only,
Worry not.

When worry relates to our fear of the uncontrollable and unknown future, it can also zap our energy.

For Today Only,
Be grateful and humble.

Try it – Counting your blessings and giving thanks for them actually helps change a negative attitude to positive. Some people go as far as believing more good things will come to them, maintaining the expression of gratitude and welcoming more good things. “Ask and ye shall receive.” So ask for good things and believe you are worthy of receiving them rather than making demands of others.

For Today Only,
Do your work with appreciation.

Work gives us an identity. It’s through work that we learn and grow. Even our pets are happier when they have a job or role we count on them to perform. Working honestly and to the best of our ability benefits all involved and affected.

For Today Only,
Be kind to all.

This is meant to include all sentient beings from the tiniest organism to the irate customer across the counter. And let’s remember to include ourselves. To whatever extent you are able to practice kindness, it’s the best medicine in the world, and it is available to all of us.
Changing your thinking can change your life. Focus on one day at a time for a more positive attitude, better thinking, and fewer sick days.

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