How Black Mountain Software Helps Greet A New Hire

It’s done, and now it’s begun. The recruitment process–over. The first impressions–in the distant past. The acceptance agreement–signed and done. And now your new employee is at the front desk, reporting for the first time. What is going through their head? What are they feeling?

This may depend on what has already transpired between her/him and your company. If your workplace culture has made the employee feel warm and welcome throughout the hiring process, it is likely the new employee is positive and excited! And if they felt the environment was warm and inviting, it’s probably an indication that you are positive and excited as well! So continue down this road of excitement and possibilities by greeting your new employee in a way that makes them feel comfortable, welcomed, and settled.

Helpful Tips for Greeting a New Hire

A Written Welcome. A formal welcome letter spells out the conditions of hire including the start date and reporting instructions. Providing pertinent workplace information in advance of the start date such as a calendar and daily schedule, parking availability, benefits information, and the employee handbook gives the newbie an opportunity to review each item and arrive for the first day prepared to ask questions and settle into the new environment.

Prepare Their Work Environment. Having everything ready in advance allows the new hire to feel valued from the get-go. A simple verbal or email announcement informs the current staff of what to expect of the new employee, what their role is, and who they will be working with. Be it a locker assignment, or a workstation, having the employees space ready with the applicable logins, supplies, voicemail codes, and email can make a new employee feel comfortable, and help get them on-board faster. It is a good idea to have a detailed checklist and a person in charge of setting up the new employee’s work environment well in advance of the start date.

Be Sure to Be There. That first day creates a lifetime of lasting impressions and bonding with Free-Stock-of-Business-Peopleone’s supervisor, mentors and co-workers. So be sure the start date does not fall on a day when the supervisor or other key personnel are on vacation, or temporary help is running the station.

Review the Policies. There should be time in that day for the new employee to meet with the Human Resources contact so s/he can ask questions about compensation, benefits and workplace policies. This is a time to clarify expectations of employees and the general culture of the workplace. A larger organization might schedule a New Employee Orientation, and smaller entities may just use a checklist and take an hour to cover all its entries. Investing time up front to achieve understanding enables the new employee to feel valued and capable of fitting into the new setting.

Keep Lunchtime in Mind. Depending on the culture, the newbie may be free to pursue the lunch break independently, or you may schedule that first lunch break with a co-worker or supervisor and continue using breaks and lunches to get acquainted with other staff members.

Set Up a Mentor Atmosphere. Basic training can be led by the supervisor or by a delegated staff member. Starting with an overview can help the new employee envision the big picture and all the tasks that contribute to it. If your initiate has worked with billing procedures before but hasn’t seen the bigger picture of how water is delivered to the consumer and who contributes to the processes, you may include a tour of the facility to meet the staff on whom your customers ultimately depend.

Familiarize the New Hire With the Calendar. With Black Mountain Software, a calendar will visually display the sequence of tasks and processes that take place over the course of a month. Be sure s/he can log into the BMS software and have just the right access to accomplish each task. Train each process using the Online Help and print a mini-manual if you desire to annotate details specific to your procedures.

Schedule Time for Online Software Training. Remember to take advantage of Black Mountain’s software support, and schedule a one-on-one session for an overview and specific tasks for new user training. Scheduled monthly live online training opportunities for Black Mountain Software are featured on our web site, and all users can register online for specific sessions. All users also have access to Online Help right within the software itself (navigate to Help> Help or select the F1 key) for detailed user-manual assistance on demand.

Don’t Forget the Reinforcements. Once a task has been demonstrated to the new employee, take a little time to determine whether the lesson was learned or s/he needs more attention to be comfortable with the duty. Most of us want to know how we are doing, especially early in the relationship. Being present early in the new employee’s tenure will reduce anxiety (for both of you) and get your new recruit feeling welcomed, respected and valued from the start

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