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How-To: Blog Descriptions

Blogs are a very informative way to keep up with many topics: current news, technology, food, fitness, personal opinions, and much more. Some blogs are great just to browse during your free time. But many of us don’t have a lot of free time, so it’s much more efficient to sign up for notification alerts whenever the blog manager posts a new article. The process to sign up for blog notifications, however, varies from blog to blog; many blog managers prefer email, while others prefer RSS feed subscriptions.

Recently, we encountered this issue within our own offices at Black Mountain Software while RSS-feeding our own blog, and it made us think: If our own staff members don’t know all the different processes for blog subscriptions, our readers probably don’t either. Read more >

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MMCT/FOA and MCTA Attendees Express Appreciation

Upon arriving to the office today, we were delighted to receive acknowledgement for our recent efforts.

At Black Mountain Software, we strive to deliver software and client support that is second to none. And, when “how-to” and “know-how” converge, and the outcome builds knowledge, confidence and empowerment – well, that’s a valuable experience.

It was wonderful to share and learn with all who attended our recent MMCT/FOA Annual Users’ Meeting and the MCTA Treasurers recertification class.

Gratitude is greatest when shared by all.

Thank you, for appreciating us.

Read more >

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Where Does the Buck Stop…With An Overdue Utility Bill?

Property owners often wonder…is it possible for a homeowner to lose his house over a $300 unpaid water bill? Especially in small towns, where we are reticent to even send a disconnect notice to a neighbor let alone act on it, something like this is rare. But it is not unheard of.

In nearly every state, the property owner or landlord is responsible for paying the property’s utility bill unless, in some cases, the lease to the property specifies otherwise. For example, in order to impose a lien against Georgia real estate for an overdue water bill, the owner of the property must be the person who incurred the charges. Read more >

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High Water Bill Have Your Customer Down?

water-bill copyIf you have the job title of Utility Billing Clerk, you have received – probably too many times to count – a phone call or visit from a customer about a “high” water bill. Usually, the causes of a water bill that reflects significant charges are beyond your control. But your response to the customer can be constructive and informative, helping get to the root of the water bill problem.

First, evaluate common causes of a high water bills:
• A leak that was concealed underground or behind a wall
• Victim to an act of vandalism
• An overestimated current reading or underestimated prior reading
• An incorrect meter reading
• Recent additions such as adding or filling a swimming pool or hot tub
• Addition of, or increase to, landscape and irrigation
• Increase of number of people or guests in the household

How to Mitigate the High Water Bill

If filling a pool was the issue, the customer may qualify to receive a partial credit on their sewer bill if their water account includes sewer billing. Read more >

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BMS Leader Makes Positive Impact on Ronan Youth

The Ronan school district, in coordination with local business leaders, held their annual Education Matters/Girls Career Fair Thursday, April 30th at the K William Harvey elementary school. The focus of the career fair is to inform, educate and mentor youth about the importance of learning and understanding the value of education.

Heather Neff, BMS Chief Operating Officer, met with 3rd and 4th grade students to share her professional experience and success through hard work, dedication and education. “What a wonderful event to be involved with! The girls were fun and engaged, asking questions, and thinking about all the possibilities for their future. Read more >

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Why More Agencies Are Putting “Cloud First”

Ccloud-computing-626252_640 copyloud computing is no longer new innovation, and many offices have implemented cloud computing as an integrated part of their infrastructure. Local, state and federal governments are getting in on the action as well, by implementing “cloud first” policies for software installations. And Black Mountain Software is no exception!

A “cloud first” policy means that the vast majority of software applications will be accessed on the cloud. If the installation cannot be performed from the cloud, then it will be installed locally, but only if cloud is not available, i.e. “cloud installs are preferable.”

The reasoning behind “cloud first” policies is simple: the cloud offers a faster time to market, reduced installation and deployment costs, scalability, enhanced security and disaster recovery, and a reduction in risk. Read more >

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