Annual Service and Maintenance Fees—What Are You Getting and What Does Unlimited Really Mean?

In the early days of software programing, people purchased static products for a one-time flat fee. They ended up with tools that had little to no support, and quickly became outdated, requiring users to re-purchase new versions with annoying frequency. How many of us remember the days of purchasing a pricey software program, then feeling frustrated when the newer, better version hit the shelves only months later? The second you invested in a product, you were counting down the days until it became an outdated dinosaur. Thankfully, this scenario is quickly becoming a relic of the past. As technology has evolved, the best software utilities are products that constantly evolve to correct errors, stay up-to-date, and adapt to the fast-paced growth of industry standards.

At Black Mountain Software, we embrace the principle that clients want real, integrated solutions that solve even the toughest management challenges. Through our Annual Maintenance Fees (AM), we are able to provide them with the immediate, dynamic support they need, while also continuing to refine our products with the changing times. This model creates a software utility that is a living, growing, adaptive product, rather than a single, limited life-span investment. We also know that any time the term “annual fee” is tossed around in any industry, people want to know what exactly that means, and where exactly is the catch. With our Annual Maintenance Fees, our clients receive superior service, from an industry-experienced team, that includes the following:

  • Unlimited telephone, email, and internet support.
  • Error correction—if something goes wrong with the software, we fix it.
  • Continuous updates that include any applicable law changes and that match the products we sell to new customers—your version is as up-to-date as the client who signed up today.
  • Related data file changes.
  • Unlimited online feature and use training—this ensures clients can make the most of our products, and new staff has access to the resources they need.
  • Ongoing software enhancements and upgrades.

Some special circumstances are not covered under our AM, like specific, custom enhancements for a unique specialization. However, our overall AM amenities ensure that our clients make the most of their investment, and find all of the support they need to get the most out of our software solutions.

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