Enjoying The Season — Tips To Make The Most Of Your Summer

As the weather warms and our thoughts drift to lazy afternoons and backyard barbecues, our work environments sometimes seem more stifling than ever. We never outgrow that inner yearning for the freedom and adventure that summer brings, but we can also feel weighed down by those adult responsibilities as we face the same old, day-to-day tasks. However, your summer experience is all about mindset, and with a dash of planning and foresight, you can make the most of this season both on and off the job. Here are just a few tips to help you embrace this season to its fullest:

  • Plan any vacation time now—If you anticipate taking any vacation time this summer, schedule it with your work team as soon as possible. Scheduling conflicts create subtle, but very real tension in the workplace, and you can avoid this by planning ahead. No one likes the team member who asks for the next week off on Friday afternoon, or creates scheduling/workload accounting-software-vacationheadaches that could have been prevented.
  • Plan any travel arrangements ASAP—When getting the most value for your travel dollars, the proverbial early bird does, in fact, get the worm. You should book hotels, airfare, and attractions as far in advance as possible. Prices rise as availability declines, so even if your vacation falls toward the end of summer, you should still do your research now.
  • Make the weather/season work for your budget—Grilling not only remains the quintessential summer activity, but it also helps shave dollars off your utility bills. Your stove and oven heat up your home, making your air conditioner work longer and harder. Outdoor cooking keeps all that heat outside, and still gives you the ultimate summer culinary experience. Likewise, farmers’ markets offer a wealth of in-season, affordable fare, and you can utilize canning or freezing to preserve this low-cost bounty and cut your grocery bill for the seasons to come.
  • Promote a healthier lifestyle—Even if you did not slave in the gym during the pre-summer months, you still can embrace the life-affirming philosophy that every little bit counts. Take walks on your breaks, stretch at your desk, or just figure out ways that you can incorporate more movement into your day-to-day schedule. With a little initiative and creativity, you can turn your office into a fitness secret weapon.
  • Never discount safety—From heatstroke to sunburns, summer also carries dangers that require vigilance. grilling-summer-funMaintain situational awareness for children in hot cars, focus on sunscreen and hydration, and encourage water safety wherever you are.
  • Embrace your inner-child—While we may never have that sense of summer-time freedom from our youth, your summer experience is only what you make of it. With the right attitude, you can create lasting memories.

Most importantly, remember that this is a season of growth and renewed energy. The lack of school and holiday commitments allows you to focus inward and retool your home, schedule, health, and life. Make the most of it!

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