Is Your Workspace Dragging You Down? That Unsightly Mess May Be Why You Feel Stressed

For city clerks and office personnel, on-the-job stress is a common factor. From customer service headaches to technology failures, you are constantly bombarded with situations that test the limits of your patience. While you can’t change that irate customer’s behavior or drop-kick your IT person for another computer crash, you can find out if other factors are only adding to your stress level and hampering job performance. One of the biggest contributors to how you feel throughout the day is right under y our nose, and you may not realize that your desk and office environment are dragging you down.

A messy and disorganized workspace triggerFrustrated_man_at_a_desk_(cropped)s unconscious stress, and contributes to those feelings of being overwhelmed, behind in your work, or claustrophobic. Deep down, those haphazard paper piles, old mail, and dirty coffee cups make you feel like you are not in control, and both your job performance and sense of job satisfaction can be affected. While you may not have the area or funds to overhaul your entire workspace, you can take steps to improve the aesthetics and give the area a fresher, more organized feel:

  • Find the time—The most common cause of increasing disorganization comes when you feel overloaded with work tasks. You already give enough to your job, so cleaning/organization seem like something you just want to avoid. However, you have to carve out time to sort through your space and keep it more under control.
  • Declutter judiciously—By being honest of what needs to go and what has to stay, you may find that you are holding onto things for no reason other than apathy. Your organization will never be what you need if your workspace is drowning under the weight of unnecessary stuff.stress-391657_640
  • Clean it up—Even if your office utilizes a cleaning service, your cluttered space has probably been passed over since the cleaning personnel won’t move items around your workspace. Wipe down your desk and surfaces, check the floors, and decide to make this part of your weekly routine.
  • Rethink your system—Is your current organizational system for files, papers, mail and so on working for you? Or, is it what is contributing to the tendency for your space to become cluttered? If so, it may be time to revamp how you organize so that you avoid future pile-ups.

With a little extra time and effort, you can transform your space and discover how your environment is connected to your sense of well-being. When you feel better, you’ll work better, and may discover a little more pep in your step even on those tough work days.

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