Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Utility Billing Printing


BMS and BDS: they kind of sound the same, and they work really well in conjunction. Black Mountain Software (BMS) has searched long and hard for a billing partner that could meet the specific needs of the utilities we service, and we found that trusted, reliable partner in Billing Document Services (or BDS).

After years of working with US cities and entities on their utility billing, we know one thing for sure: many are short on time, money, and manpower. Outsourcing with quality companies like BDS will reduce this hardship. And because they are a BMS partner, their processes interface seamlessly and efficiently with our software.

Still concerned about outsourcing your utility billing needs? Consider why many businesses and entities are moving to outsourcing their billing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Utility Billing

Easier. When partners like BMS and BDS work together, it takes the leg work out of coordinating software and labor. We work out the kinks for you, so you can sit back and know that all aspects from billing entry and automation to print are completed with confidence and accuracy.

Faster. Outsourcing your billing will save time on processing, reprocessing, and printing.

Accurate. All addressing is corrected prior to printing statements per the USPS intelligent bar coding regulations so the mailings go to the correct addresses. And when USPS guidelines change, BDS makes the necessary adjustments for you.

Green. By merging like addresses, or names and addresses, mailings can be included into one mailing to reduce waste and save postage.

Efficient. Not only are utility bills printed, addressed and mailed easily and efficiently, inserts can also be added very easily and inexpensively.

Cost Effective. Because BDS works in bulk and specializes in billing, a side-by-side comparison of the cost of paper stock, printer ink, labor, materials, and postage revealed that in cases of 500 – 2,000 mailings a month, utilities save anywhere from $37.50/month to $256.50/month.

Not sure if outsourced billing is right for you? Our billing experts at Black Mountain Software are more than willing to discuss your organization’s billing situation. Give us a call to talk about your billing needs and find a solution that works best for you at 800-353-8829 (option #2 for sales), or email us at



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