Small Town Stories: Joliet, MT


Shane Ridge Preserve

Over the years, we’ve written about many small towns that Black Mountain Software serves. Though this town is quite typical in many ways to other towns we’ve featured, it has one outstanding characteristic: it is the smallest in landmass, reaching only .29 square miles!

Within its tiny footprint and population hovering around 650 people, it’s surprising to find that Joliet has had a few notable historical residents that have called Joliet home. The first is former Montana State Senator Chet Blaylock who ran for Governor of Montana. Second, is Jack Waddell, test pilot for the Boeing 747 maiden flight in 1969.

Street Sculpture in Joliet

Street Sculpture in Joliet

Another surprising fact about Joliet’s population? Though small in size, Joliet has an incredibly large number of highly educated residents. Over 25 percent of Joliet adults have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher–which makes us proud to be a part of the cog in a school system within a community where education is such a priority.


Though it may seem like there isn’t much to see in a town that covers a mere quarter-mile, Joliet has a few interesting landmarks. The historic Fire Hall, which graces the downtown area, makes for a nice stop and is one of the few buildings that spots the map in this small town. In fact, there are so few buildings in Joliet and the surrounding Red Lodge area that the big talk of this small town is the approval of a new church to “brighten up the north corridor.”

With so few structures, perhaps the most stunning features of Joliet isn’t the town and its buildings, but the outdoor landmarks which include an interesting metal sculpture, a Biblical Story in Stone, and the Shane Ridge Preserve, a grassy, scattered pine ranch that looks out towards the Montana wilderness.

So say hello to Joliet, just another little gem of a small town in Montana!


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