Five TED Talks for Government Employees

Iwidth="300"f you’ve seen them before, you probably love them. And if you haven’t, you probably should: TED Talks.

These fabulous, inspiring online speeches provide thoughtful, dynamic insight on a broad range of issues from democracy to music.

Though often admired for their insightful talks about culture, lifestyle, innovation, and arts, we found five particular TED Talks that we believe are inspiring for Government employees: government innovation; building great cities; promoting change; city design; and one on open-source government.

So, grab your lunchtime popcorn from the snack station microwave, grab a water bottle, and sit down and enjoy these work-related government TED Talks.

5 Great TED Talks for Government Employees

Mariana Mazzucato: Government — investor, risk-taker, innovator

In a time when many are making accusations that government is “getting in the way” of private sector innovation, Mazzucato suggests that government is actually shaping our market.
Why it’s great: It’s a different perspective that suggests that the government is the real innovator, and has done more for private sector innovation than it’s reputation suggests.

The 4 commandments of cities: Eduardo Paes

A talk from the mayor of Rio De Janeiro about the commandments for overcoming challenges and difficulties to make a city great.
Why it’s great: Paes talks about real initiatives cities can adopt for greatness, such as finding cheaper alternatives for projects without compromising qualities.

Omar Ahmad: Political change with pen and paper

Omar Ahmad, the beloved former mayor of San Carlos, California talks about how to get what you want: send a monthly handwritten letter, and how to make it work.

Why it’s great: Because Ahmad has been an elected official, he is able to give real tips on how to be heard, how to be effective, and how change can start with the stroke of a pen.

Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city: Kent Larson

Larsen talks about creating cities with more: where people don’t just “fit,” but they feel comfortable, safe and happy.
Why it’s great: Larson talks about the idea that a city is a place for the people, and proper planning means “smarter” cities, with more livability.

Demand a more open-source government: Beth Noveck

A talk about emerging technologies and how they are prompting the idea of open source government which will ultimately lead to collaboration between constituents and state.
Why it’s great: It’s a realistic look at how technology is changing, and why this can be an opportunity for government agencies to embrace the change and use it to their advantage.

TED talks are like work-approved television. They take contemporary, informative and cutting edge topics and present them with interest, enthusiasm and credibility. The combination is helpful, entertaining and motivational, and the perfect way to spend a lunch in!

Your Turn: Do you have a favorite TED talk that applies to government agencies or clerks? Share it with us on the BMS Facebook Page!

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