8 Things Every City Clerk Should Understand and Know About in 2016

T2014-10-03O-Nahe job of being a City Clerk requires wearing many hats: software user, recorder, reporter, coworker, conference-goer, accountant, social media expert, customer service provider, budgeter…there is no end to the many roles and tasks completed by city clerks on the daily. In honor of a new year that promotes continued learning and self-improvement, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the eight things every city clerk should know and understand for 2016.

What the Cloud is?
With so many agencies going to “The Cloud,” it is important to know exactly what this dreamy concept is and how it affects data computing and storage.

Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements
New and ever-changing federal reporting requirements are part of many clerk’s lives, and the ACA requirements are no exception. It is important to know how to effectively and accurately report a variety of health care information and employee information to avoid penalties and excise taxes.

How to deal with different personality types
From the time we pick up our first crayon, to the time we wave goodbye into retirement, we are taught to accept and applaud all personality types. But that can be
difficult in a tight office where A’s and B’s commingle throughout the day on various tasks and projects. Understanding the benefits, motivations and downfalls to both personality types can help you create mutual goals and better collaborate as a team.

What good customer service entails
Every job has some element of interface with the public, and everyone needs to know how to provide the best customer service possible. That might mean making a process easier, a website more useable, a process more transparent, or a customer interface friendlier. Understand important keys to good customer service in one, eight letter pneumonic device.

How to survive budget season
Budgets are boring, long, and bothersome, but also very necessary. Though it’s many clerk’s least favorite time of year. With proper planning, processes and good budget practices in place, budgets can be a little less of a bugger.

How to be more productive with less
An hour of planning is worth four hours of doing. Getting more organized, identifying priorities, understanding the scope of a task, embracing change and identifying distractions can drastically improve your ability to get more accomplished in less time.

The difference between a PC, Mac, and Tablet
Buying a new computer or device can be a challenge, especially with so many choices to choose from. PCs, Macs and Tablets each have their own pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and things they can or can’t do. Being aware of those differences can help you correctly choose the right device without regret.

How to have a positive outlook
Stress has long been attributed to both mental and physical health. Some believe there’s even more to it…that a positive attitude can actually help you stay well and become immune to almost everything. Simply by reciting and believing in 32 words of positive affirmation can guide you in the right direction.

Happy 2016, city clerks! Thank you for all your many “hats” you wear!

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