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Spring Clean Your Software and Systems

T2014-10-03O-Nahere’s nothing like a good spring cleaning to help sharpen your tools and remove the dust and clutter, but one thing we often don’t think about spring cleaning is our computer system and software.

Early spring is the perfect time (before finalizing budgets) to seriously evaluate your software needs and tools and determine what is or isn’t working for your agency. So put down your feather duster, and instead think outside your cubicle of how you can spring clean your processes.

Spring cleaning your software means: 

  • Assessing your software and storage needs now and for the future
  • Setting aside budget for growing software needs
  • Sharpening your software tools and evaluating if there are any new add-ons or features you would like to integrate
  • Upgrading your version of software
  • Upgrading your storage needs
  • Identifying tools that will help you do your job better
  • Investigating other options for software that better suits your agency

First, every agency should evaluate and assess what their future needs are and if the current software is meeting those needs. Read more >

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City of Lava Hot Springs Switches from DOS to BMS

From D-O-S to B-M-S

We are excited to feature one of our newest clients, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, in our small town stories this month. This is possibly one of the most unique places we have ever featured.

About Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Lava Hot Springs, located in Bannock County, has a few things that make it unique. Besides the fact that it has 102-degree water surrounding the 455-acre town, it also claims to be an “odor-free” natural hot spring! Just imagine, soaking in warm, mineral-rich water as you take in the surrounding beauty with a deep, detoxifying breath that smells of…nothing! Read more >

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How a Good Audit Trail Can Save You!

T2014-10-03O-Nahere’s only one word scarier than “tax prep”: Audit. Regardless of how scary this word sounds, there are tools and processes available that can save you
from a truly nasty predicament. Those processes include a thorough and comprehensive audit trail.

Despite use of the word “trail”—which insinuates a long and lengthy process—the idea of an audit trail is actually very simplistic and feasible. Creating an
audit trail is as simple as:

1. Utilizing software that allows you to make notes on entries and changed accounting records

2. Logging the details of the change or record for future reference

3. Including in the audit trail details of who did what, when, how, and for how much, and

4. Read more >

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Engineers Week 2016

Spreading the Word About Engineers

T2014-10-03O-Nahere’s one week in February where we take a moment out of our lives to show love, respect and thanks for the ones who make a difference in our lives.

Did you think we were talking about Valentine’s Day? Well, leave it us to hold out for a more lesser-known, slightly nerdier holiday: Engineers Week!

Why do Engineers get a whole week of celebration here at BMS? Well, simply put: engineers make our lives better! Their work helps turn ideas into
solutions, solve problems, build dreams and see opportunities for future improvements. Because they play such an integral role in our society, National Engineers Week exists to increase the conversation about why we need engineers, and brings awareness about the career field to schools and educators so
we can continue to develop the next generation of engineers! Read more >

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