Engineers Week 2016

Spreading the Word About Engineers

T2014-10-03O-Nahere’s one week in February where we take a moment out of our lives to show love, respect and thanks for the ones who make a difference in our lives.

Did you think we were talking about Valentine’s Day? Well, leave it us to hold out for a more lesser-known, slightly nerdier holiday: Engineers Week!

Why do Engineers get a whole week of celebration here at BMS? Well, simply put: engineers make our lives better! Their work helps turn ideas into
solutions, solve problems, build dreams and see opportunities for future improvements. Because they play such an integral role in our society, National Engineers Week exists to increase the conversation about why we need engineers, and brings awareness about the career field to schools and educators so
we can continue to develop the next generation of engineers!

As our world gets more technical and a little less “hands on”, the need for creators, builders, engineers, computer technicians, and “thinkers” increases, and more engineering-minded students—male and female—are needed to fill these positions.

How can you contribute to Engineers Week?

• Help kids and adults discover the world of engineering
• Celebrate the profession
• Spread the word

For those of you who are engineers, a few ways to help is to visit a classroom, kids club, youth group or after school program and talk about the expansive and exciting world of engineering. For tips on Leading Kids Through a Successful Engineering Experience, check out the Discover Engineering website. You can also invite students to your workplace for a tour of what you do, host a family day at your workplace, or mentor a student.

If you are not an engineer, celebrate the profession by organizing a celebratory lunch and award top performing engineers in your workplace. You can spread the work by telling a friend, displaying a poster or bulletin board during Engineers Week, publishing an article in a blog or newsletter, or going viral on social media about what it means to be an engineer and what they do for
our society!

THANK YOU to all the engineers in our office and far beyond these walls! You really make a difference in our lives! Happy Engineers Week!

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