How Schools Are Stretching Their Technology Dollars

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Schools are used to doing more with less, and they never cease to amaze us. When you walk into a classroom filled with laptops, tablets and smart boards, it may seem impossible that schools are saving any money on technology at all. But, that’s where you’re wrong.

Innovative schools, especially charter schools that are able to tap into unconventional sources for funding, are finding ways to upgrade their technology while cutting their technology budgets.

The ability to use more technology in the classroom without dramatically increasing their technology budget is a win-win: teachers are able to tap into new sources for instruction and students are learning more with technology-driven lesson plans and instruction. And all of this is being done using the following three principles for maximizing technology on a small budget.

Unconventional Funding

Schools’ funds are not limited to state and federal funding. Many schools are seeking grants to help fund their technology needs. Seeking grants from local businesses, the community, and educational advocacy groups not only supports the schools, but also helps guarantee a pool of educated individuals for the future of the community.

Looking for grants can be the difficult part, but as many teachers and school leaders are finding, you don’t know what’s available until you ask. You may be surprised when you ask policymakers and business execs, “What can you do for our schools?” that their response is often something.

Saving Money

Another way schools are stretching their technology dollars is by cutting costs elsewhere. Perhaps a new attendance system, payroll system, or budgeting technology can actually save a district tons of money in personnel costs and maintenance costs over the long run. Or, maybe the help of one IT person means easing the workload for teachers, and therefore helps teachers spend time on more important things.

Another consideration for money-saving schools is opting for tablets over laptops, which are much cheaper, and using technology over expensive textbooks and paper copies that use costly toner and paper that will eventually end up in the landfill.

Purchasing Lasting Technology

Finally, to save money and stretch technology dollars, schools are purchasing lasting technology that allows for upgrades and extends the life of the devise and/or software and support. Making a thoughtful decision about your IT can save you tons in system upgrades, software upgrades and maintenance costs. Many computers that might get scrapped, can actually be saved with a clean up and memory upgrade. Having an in-house IT person, or a contract for maintenance and support to keep technology current, clean, and up-to-date can help assure a longer life to your technology.

Schools continue to showcase how you don’t always need more to do more! Wise technology decisions and innovative funding can help put our classrooms into the 21st Century, without a lot of extra budget.

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