Summer Lunch Ideas You Can Take to Work

Summer Lunch-2-FinalLet’s be honest—we need fast, easy, and convenient ideas for work meals in summer to prevent us from unhealthy snacking and eating out. Finding healthy ideas can be easier said than done. A good recipe that takes only 5 to 20 minutes to prepare can help stimulate your appetite, mind, and taste buds while preparing you to take on the daily grind with a new, food-induced enthusiasm.

BuzzFeed Recipes

BuzzFeed is great for lists upon lists of anything, but most especially, recipe ideas! Here are a few to get you started:

Try Pinterest

Much like BuzzFeed, you can find any sort of recipe you want off Pinterest. This site is also known for making a once-complicated idea and turning it into a simple thing. Try searching for lunch recipe ideas or recipes specific to your dietary needs, and then follow the links. The links often take you to blogs worth following, where you can receive new and updated recipes as often as you like.

Don’t Forget Facebook

Keep seeing people post videos of tantalizing recipe ideas in your news feed? (No pun intended.) Well those are usually coming from pages like Twisted or Tasty, where they are constantly posting easy-to-follow recipes. When you’re craving a new idea, check out Facebook food pages.

Good Old Fashioned Soup

Go the traditional route and make a large batch of soup with lots of veggies, beans and/or meats and freeze whatever you won’t consume in a week. Heat it up at work, pair it with some fresh bread, and voilà!

Mason Jar Salads

Find 20 Mason jar salad recipes here. They’re super easy to prepare and to stow in the fridge at work. Just shake and enjoy!

Keep it Fresh

If you have fridge space at work, try going grocery shopping for what you’d like to eat during lunchtime by the week. For example, buy fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, cold cuts, and bread and keep them at the office. Items like these often last for one week, and then you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring them from home.

Get Inspired by the Farmer’s Market

When in doubt, head down to the Farmer’s Market for a snacking overhaul. You just can’t beat a ripe strawberry or freshly picked snap pea! Simple, healthy, nutritious and requires no prep or packaging!

An inspired lunch from home can help you reboot at lunchtime so you are mentally focused, fulfilled, and ready to take on the remainder of the day’s tasks.

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