Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing The Cloud

Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing The CloudCloud computing usage by government agencies is on the “rise”, and that’s not just because of its name. While many agencies were hesitant to embrace the cloud in its early years due to security concerns, in recent years, cloud security has become as secure, and in many cases more secure, than on-premise solutions. That’s because a single-site back up is vulnerable to natural disasters and cyber attacks, where cloud-based data back ups are stored in numerous locations.
In addition, with the influx of big data, data storage, and around the clock upgrades, cloud services are becoming more relevant for government agencies than ever before, increasing security, efficiency, and unlimited data storage.

Different Ways Local Governments Are Utilizing Cloud-Based Services

• Data storage: The cloud has made data storage and backup easy and affordable. Many cloud-based service providers are large enough to handle big data from government sources, and include very robust security.

• Cloud Backup: Data backup is critical in a time when hackers are making attempts to steal government data. Local government servers and backups are good, but having data backed up in the cloud also protects against natural disasters including fires, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It also ensures there is a secondary copy (and in most cases at least 3 copies) of the data on different servers in different parts of the country/world.

• Collaboration: The cloud has made collaboration between computers, offices, and agencies instant and efficient. If users from different departments or different locations need to collaborate on a specific file or document, this can be accomplished within seconds, allowing users to securely share and collaborate data.

• Cloud Updates: Another way cloud is being used is to update software and systems. Usually scheduled at night after everyone leaves the office, employees return the next morning with new software and security updates installed on all the systems with nearly no effort at all.

As more companies and entities utilize cloud services, it is important that governments also embrace the cloud. The benefits of cost-reduction, data availability, security, big data storage, and collaboration are far too great to ignore and many agencies are shocked to find out just how simply it can be integrated and adopted by its users.
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