Benefits of Going Paperless with a Tablet

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Tablets are quickly becoming every city administrator and office superstar’s favorite way to keep it all together in the office, abroad, and at conferences. You can keep all of your files in one place and the best part—it’s all portable! Since there’s been a lot of chatter about the benefits of going paperless with a tablet in our LinkedIn Group, City Clerk Café, we thought we would share these reasons to go paperless with you.

Five Benefits of Going Paperless

1. Cuts back on paper waste
Not only does cutting back on paper waste benefit you because all of your files can be found in one place instead of scattered throughout various file folders, but it cuts back on the amount of paper you’re using in general. Even if you’re the perfect recycler, not using paper at all is better than tossing it into that little blue bin.

2. Send minutes, notes, or files immediately
Think about it—if you had to take notes or minutes by pen and paper you’d first have to transcribe them into a document before distributing them to the necessary individual or group. But if you do this directly on your tablet, you will have the ability to distribute the minutes immediately after the meeting is finished.

3. Direct calendar access
Instead of toting a planner (more pen and paper) in addition to a tablet or computer, using the calendar feature on your tablet can cut back on the time it takes to check availability. With the inquiring person in front of you, you can send them a calendar invitation and confirm your schedule with ease.

4. Keep all of your reminders in one place
Let’s face it: post-it notes can confuse us more than they really help us. Sticking them to your computer, planner, or in random places does not always guarantee that you see them. If you designate one file on your tablet or use the sticky note app, everything is in only one place to look.

5. Look professional
Carrying a tablet exudes efficiency and professionalism. Look smart and in control of your duties during meetings, conferences, and daily office run-ins.

Using your tablet for everything could take some time getting used to, but once you’re in the habit, it can only benefit your work strategies while cutting down on effort and waste.

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