A Story of a Shovel and a Backhoe

We have a funny little saying we like to use here at Black Mountain Software: “Don’t use a shovel when you really need a backhoe.”

If you are asking yourself what that means, let us elaborate.

Shovels are great. They can get the job done, and require very little knowledge or education to use.  But, if you’re trying to dig a swimming pool, you will quickly find that it’s just not enough compared to the scale of the project.

Software, too, can be inadequate to complete the tasks needed for a city, school, utility or municipality efficiently. Often, we find that clients seeking new software are using a shovel, when what they really need is a backhoe.

Yes, some schools, cities, utilities and municipalities can get away with simplified software tools such as QuickBooks for their accounting needs. They often couple this accounting software with a DOS program for their reports, or maybe an Excel spreadsheet to compute, and then outsource their payroll—and in their eyes, they are saving their agency a lot of money! But how much is it really costing in time and efficiency when using the wrong tool? That’s when they start searching for a tool that can do it all. That means one login, software integration, and literally hundreds of different functions.

In hindsight, customers realize that programs like QuickBooks can be challenging to use, must be set up and managed by agency personnel (with little help from the software provider), and integrated with prior systems that can be difficult and lead to errors. Once all that is done, many agencies are left finding that the software isn’t as integrated, fully featured, or as user-friendly as they had hoped, requiring them to continue using outside spreadsheets and programs to complete tasks.

Black Mountain Software, on the other hand, arrives with backhoe and backhoe operator on hand to assist with the dig! Our sales personnel will make sure you get all the features and add-ons needed to complete daily tasks including billing, accounting, payroll, bill printing, credit card processing, reporting and tax form preparation. Then, our in-house installation team guides you through the installation process including merging old data into the system and correcting any prior data errors caught along the way. After your installation, we provide professional, knowledgeable in-house customer support from right here in Montana, as well as fully-featured software that eliminates the need for many other systems. In addition, our software grows as your needs grow. We are constantly improving, upgrading and enhancing our software to better meet the needs of our clients.

With Black Mountain Software you get it all—the designer, architect, backhoe, backhoe operator and installer—so one day you’ll have that sparkling, fully built pool without all the aches and pains. So…why are you still holding that shovel?

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