Technology Trends in 2017 That Will Change the Way We Live

Despite our love for creature comforts, like the warm voice on the other end of the customer service line, or an office view that is more reminiscent of a mountain resort than a tech outfit, at heart we remain a software company, and therefore prone to technological innovation. So, as we watch the world change and technology with it, we are enthralled to think where it might take us—and our business—in the future.

Remember when technology trends seemed to have decades between them? The rapid evolution of technology is so quick these days that it seems to be changing yearly—sometimes even sooner. The development of a new app, storage service, or social media platform can change the face of technology-based businesses almost overnight.

Accordingly, we thought we would start the year by writing an article about some of the most fascinating technologies set to emerge in 2017. We’ve chosen the technologies that are not only affecting our business, but society as a whole; changing the way we think, interact, and process information in 2017 and beyond.

Intuitive Apps

Apps are functioning at a much more advanced and intuitive rate. These advanced apps are able to make everyday tasks easier, acting as digital assistants and streamlining generic admin and customer service processes that formally required an actual human. They are much more intuitive, functional, and user-friendly than ever before, offering an endless variety of functions based on more variables.

Predictive Algorithms

Companies are developing algorithms based on human behavior to understand, learn, predict and adapt to behavior, making computers appear “intelligent.” This allows processes to be completed based on what these systems know about their users and what they are likely to do next.

Smart Gadgets

Smart gadgets like drones, smart appliances, and self-driving vehicles will continue to become more advanced and able to complete more tasks. Drones delivering packages and cars driving people are just a few of the advancements of 2016 that we will continue to see in 2017.

Voice-Activated Devices

Many of us already use this technology on our smart phones when using talk-to-text. These technologies are getting even better—with microphone-enabled processes available on everything from automobiles to security systems. It is likely that as more devices become web-enabled, they will be able to do more for us just by speaking aloud.

Cloud Hosting

Even with the advent of terabyte-sized storage devices like external hard drives, the future of software storage and operation seems destined to bypass the notion of hardware entirely. From Apple to PlayStation and even Black Mountain Software, the Cloud is being embraced as it rolls in. The benefits of cloud hosting are virtually endless—less down-time due to updates, regular data backups, increased accessibility, improved security and support. And all with no extra cords or devices. All you need is a solid internet connection and a desire to innovate.

Complex Security Systems

As we begin to store more sensitive information on the Internet, our ability to secure that information improves every day. One way security has improved is through monitoring user behavior and flagging scenarios that appear to deviate from this predictive behavior, so a breach is caught before it even happens.

Evolving technologies are advancing at a phenomenal rate like we’ve never seen before. This is a very exciting time for technology, but with so much innovation, users and providers have to be quick to adapt, and even predict technological changes before

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