“The Best Town on Earth”

There are a lot of towns that claim this title, but Upton, Wyoming, actually owns the slogan: “The best town on Earth.” With its vast wildlife population, big-town amenities and rich history, it’s no wonder this little town claims the “best town” title.

 About Upton, Wyoming

 At only 2.96 square miles and with a population of only 1,100, the people in this Wyoming town are dramatically outnumbered by the vast wildlife. Because of the many lakes and streams outside the town’s borders, there is a number of fish species that feed the dense, local wildlife population.

 For the human population, this small little town packs a lot into its tiny footprint. There’s a city park, historic old town, golf course, and several local eateries. In the summer, the community puts on the Upton Fun Days event with all the excitement and activities of a large city celebration. The Fun Days event includes a weekend of water slides, a parade, a free BBQ, music, a rodeo, giant slides, an obstacle course, hayrides, a dance and even a 5K walk.

 During the remainder of the year, residents and visitors to Upton can tour some of the town’s historic sites such as the popular Red Onion Museum, featuring work from local artist Dave Paulley.

 Upton is an incredibly livable region, and has been considered so for many years. Prior to first settlement in Upton, this land was home to the Cheyenne, Crow and Lakota Sioux people, because it provided great shelter from the elements, ample timber, and an abundant food supply. This attracted homesteaders during the western migration where ranchers, railroaders and miners landed.

 The town itself has been home to many types of people, and therefore has taken on many different names in its existence. Originally called Irontown (named after the Iron Creek settlement and the metallic taste of the drinking water), then named Merino after being re-established as a railroad community. But confusion between the town of Merino, Wyoming, and Merino, Colorado, caused the town to change its name one last time to Upton in 1902. Only a few years later, the railroad attracted homesteaders and businesses to come, and stay. Soon this small town had all the amenities a small town could boast about, including a barber shop, pool hall, grocery store, hotel, Weston County Gazette newspaper (still in business today), saloon, and…brothel.

 Today, Old Town still offers a glimpse of Upton’s pioneer roots and the culture that creates over a 100 years of interesting news and history of this “best town on Earth.”

 Click here for more information on the history and livability of Upton, Wyoming.

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