The Importance of City Permitting and How BMS Can Help

Permitting is an important and necessary process for cities and towns that controls and regulates construction to ensure that all work is done according to municipal code. It can be a long and arduous process for both the applicant and the municipality, but it is necessary to sustain the economic interests, safety, and growth of any community.

Why City Permitting is Important:

  • Permitting regulates and controls construction to ensure work meets codes and city ordinances
  • Permitting helps ensure work has been done safely and inspected (if required)
  • Permitting helps enforce safety, convenience, and aesthetic standards for the city
  • Aids in establishing and maintaining property information
  • Helps enforce zoning laws
  • Permitting protects residential and commercial property value
  • Permitting helps track growth and plan for future development of land, utilities, and public services

Though this process is generally a tedious one, Black Mountain Software offers a Permitting module designed to assist and streamline your city’s efforts. Our Permitting module includes features designed to make the process as painless as possible, such as:

  • An easily-maintained area to input detailed property information (such as subdivisions, occupancy classification, zoning and property owner information)
  • Multiple permit types that allow the user to design a report by major categories and sub-types
  • Sub-type calculations and automated calculations
  • Inspection and violation information that can be noted on each individual permit entry
  • Technology that interfaces with Cash Receipting and Accounting software to create receipts and journal vouchers for speedy and accurate entry

If your city’s permitting process is getting in the way of seamless, streamlined permits, contact a BMS sales team member at or call 800-353-8829.

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