Why We Are Grateful, In Eight Words for Thanksgiving

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve gratitude.”

It’s easy to get bogged down in all that life throws at us. But fortunately, it’s even easier to be grateful. At Black Mountain Software, we are here because someone had an idea, and someone else thought it was good enough to buy. Twenty-six years later, we have a strong business with a great clientele in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And for that, today we must say, we are so grateful! Grateful for this opportunity, this industry, this location, and our customers, of course.

Why we are thankful, with eight words:

T – Technology and the ability of our clients to embrace a new generation of software that is efficient, effective, and able to evolve to meet the changing needs of cities, utilities, schools, and municipalities.

H – Helena, where we began this adventure developing technical products for nearby cities in Montana before collaborating with the Polson-based municipal fund accounting system.

A – Agents of our company who believe in our product and work hard to provide superior sales, service, and support.

N – Neighboring cities. We owe a great deal to our neighboring cities in Montana who have helped our business grow to become Montana’s vendor of choice for cities embracing the digital revolution. We currently service approximately 92 percent of Montana’s cities and towns with populations between 500 and 10,000.

K – Kindness of our clients, vendors, and staff who make everyday a gift to live, work, and play where we do.

F – Friends. Over the years we have developed outstanding symbiotic relationships with our clients, whom we like to think of as friends of our business. They have many software providers to choose from, yet they remain dedicated to us.

U – Utilities, schools, cities and municipalities that we serve and that fuel our business.

L – Long term relationships with both our vendors and clients. Without you and your dedication to our business, we wouldn’t be here today!

Happy Thanksgiving to our clients and thank you for all the reasons we continue to thrive!

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