Helping You Adapt to Change

The only thing that’s constant is change.

Regulations change, reporting requirements change, and technology changes, too. Within the past few years, we’ve seen a number of reporting requirements change–from the Montana Public Retirement System to Federal Affordable Care Act reporting. These changes are frustrating for clients. It means new reports, more data entry and a system to check for errors. But we are determined to ease that pain, to the best of our ability, by creating add-ons to our software and updating our systems whenever there are new mandated compliance requirements for our clients.

How BMS Software Eases the Pain of Changing Compliance Requirements

  1. US-based support. Whenever a compliance change requires our software and systems to make a change or software update, you can be sure that the work is being completed right here in the United States, by US programmers who understand the specific needs of our clients and how to best meet the compliance standard. Having someone who understands the specific needs and uses for the software means a seamless, pain-free transition. You can also rest assured that if there are any questions or issues with new software upgrades, those too will be handled right here in the US, by a client support representative located in Montana, so there is no breakdown in communication when you need support the most.
  2. BMS Cloud updates and upgrades. When new software changes are made, the software can be upgraded and updated via the cloud, so the updates are available immediately and automatically to every user of Black Mountain Software at the same time.
  3. Thoughtful updates and upgrades. There are two kinds of software development approaches: quick and immediate, or thoughtful and strategic. We are the latter. While we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our software, we make sure that all updates are done with as much care and concern on behalf of our clients as possible. Changing the software to the point it requires re-training for users would be a terrible approach. Instead, we focus on making intuitive changes, less often, with upgrades and add-ons that make sense and don’t require a lot of tweaking in the future.

Change can be scary, but at Black Mountain Software, we want to be the ones to worry about change, so you don’t have to. We promise to work hard to deal with new and changing mandated compliance requirements and implement these updates in a way that is user-friendly, automated and thoughtful.

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