Goal Setting by Month for a Better and Balanced Work Year

How was 2018 for you? Did you accomplish all you wanted to accomplish? Did you do everything you hoped you would do? Were you able to strike a balance between work and relaxation?

How the previous year went plays a large role in determining how we execute our goals and resolutions for the year to come. If portions of your work life left you feeling the need for a little more organization and fun in 2019, here are a few monthly suggestions to spark some enthusiasm in your goal planning for the New Year.

Month-By-Month Goal Setting for a Better and Balanced Work Year

Set work and personal goals for the New Year. When it’s cold outside, and you’re hunkered inside, new goals can create a great positive diversion to the weather.

Use this month to learn something new. Plan some extracurricular training events or enroll in a few college courses for some new stimulation. Maybe tackle that reading list, starting with a good non-fiction book that relates to your career or work-life balance. Anything to expand your knowledge base.

Plan a vacation! When you are craving a break or some sunshine, this is a wonderful way to escape and dream about sunny shores and a Pina Colada. It’s also a good time to put in your vacation requests for the year so you can plan meetings, major events, and office deadlines around your escape.

The “A” in April is for “Audit”. Use this month to audit your goals for the first quarter.  This will bring insight on where you are and where you have been and give you a chance to realign your goals or make them more feasible if necessary.

Spring Cleaning time! Bust out the polish and make that office shine. Throw out old files, purge read emails, and check off the to-do’s that have already been done! Spiffing up your office space—both virtual and physical—can be a refreshing and rewarding way to kick off summertime.

Plan a team building exercise. This is a great way to get to know your peers and management better and June is a time to take a break from six months inside the office.

Celebrate the summer and break up the norm with a BBQ at lunch. It doesn’t have to be anything special—a simple hot dog roast will do. Food and sunshine are a great way to build camaraderie within the office while enjoying the nice weather. The break from inside the office can spark new ideas and refresh co-workers’ attitudes.

Take that much needed vacation! You made it through seven months of work; now for the reward!

Start thinking about cold weather preparation, both from a work and personal standpoint. Make a plan for diverse weather. Check the fluids and service your car. Have the heating systems in your home and office checked. Blow out your sprinklers.

You never know when an unexpected snowstorm might hit, and tackling the cold weather to-do list can be a lifesaver, leaving you confident that you can handle the situation.

Order calendars and planners for next year. Don’t forget to buy yourself some fun office accessories as well. Even the little things can help you get jazzed for the upcoming year…and you’ll need them as you begin fiscal budgeting prep season!

Plan a holiday party with co-workers, order holiday greeting cards, host a potluck, and spread some holiday cheer!

Reflect on your accomplishments for the year. Celebrate your achievements by rewarding yourself with something that will energize you in the New Year, such as a new office outfit, new pens, or a new office fish. Consider also making small—yet appreciated—updates to the office. Move the copier to a more convenient location, start a paper free program, or upgrade the office coffee as a nice gesture for the end of one year and start of a new one.

January can seem filled with too many goals, lists, and to-do’s. But, if you break down your goals into monthly tasks, something that may seem overwhelming soon becomes digestible and rewarding.

Happy New Year!

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