The Many Hats City Clerks Wear

To be a city clerk is to know: “Multitasking is not an option, it is a requirement.”

The days of a city clerk are filled wearing many hats and accomplishing many things—from interfacing with constituents,
to taking down meeting minutes, to crunching budget numbers. So, in honor of all the roles a city clerk takes on, we thought
we’d list some of the many titles that should come after the
“City Clerk” title.

City Clerk, Also Known As…

Community-Agency Liaison:

A city clerk is the connector between the public and the government agency, making sure constituent voices are heard and governmental decisions are made public.

Director of Transparency:

City clerks are in charge of publicizing governmental decisions and making sure motions and minutes are accurately recorded and disseminated according to the Free Information Act. A city clerk is the centralized and consistent provider of policies, procedures, guidelines, information, and records.

Keeper of Information:

Meeting minutes, budgets, permits, and city files are just some of the information city clerks often handle.
They must know, find, create, and store documents on a variety of city business and handle it with thoughtfulness and care.


Because of their access to the public, knowledge of the agency and personal connections, a city clerk is often educator to the community, answering questions for constituents about the division, person, program, or document they need.


Clerks tend to understand multiple viewpoints, which makes them able to relate to both sides of the table. They have the ability to speak to constituents and explain processes while also having access to officials.

Numbers Cruncher:

Whether they’re preparing a budget, running a fiscal report, bookkeeping, billing or cash receipting, it seems that a clerk rarely makes it through the day without calculating something or crunching some number.

Each of the roles a city clerk fulfills requires the tools necessary to complete these tasks as efficiently as possible. Having a single place to run reports, store meeting minutes, file permits, create and adjust budgets, and run reports can be an amazing help to a clerk’s many hats. We love city clerks and appreciate all they do, and that is why we have created software as diverse functional, and versatile as the clerks who use it.

Thank you city clerks for being our liaison, directors of transparency, keepers of information, educators, facilitators, and number crunchers.

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