Don’t Let Credit Cards Manage You

According to Fundera, 70 percent of consumers prefer card payments, and credit cards account for a third of all card purchases. Unsurprisingly, the amount of daily credit card purchases is expected to continue increasing over time. While government employees only account for a fraction of all credit card purchases, as the amount of credit card purchases increase, local agencies will have a ton of credit card purchase information to monitor. Luckily, Black Mountain Software offers a convenient way to document, track and report employee credit card activity with ease and efficiency: Credit Card Manager.

Credit Card Manager is an add-on module available for Accounting that keeps all credit card information in one secure place so transaction information can be viewed on the fly. Once a receipt is entered, employee purchases and vendor payments can be tracked in a variety of detailed reports to make reconciling credit card statements and vendor expenditures a cinch. Credit Card Manager is also integrated with the Purchase Orders and Remote Requisitions modules.

In addition to these great features, Credit Card Manager is chock full of perks, including the ability to designate multiple credit card vendors, designate credit card transactions, run Budget Reports to show dollars committed for a specified accounting period, track all vendors paid with credit cards for 1099 reporting, view which employees have access to credit cards at a glance, and so much more.

Are you cross-eyed from tracking credit payments in a spreadsheet or pulling out your hair when reconciling your statements? Do you already use BMS Accounting? Then Credit Card Manager is the module for you! Save a trip to the optometrist and leave the Rogaine on the shelf. Contact the Black Mountain Software Sales team about Credit Card Manager today.

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