How to Effectively Work from Home

While opportunities for telecommuting and remote work have become more prominent within the tech sector over the last few years, working from home is now a reality for many. This digital reinvention of the workplace can be a jarring transition from regular office life, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Unlike in Japan, most American tech workers are uniquely positioned, both logistically and culturally, to easily work from home due to increases in the availability of cloud technology and access to home Wi-Fi and personal computers. Efficiency, however, can be an issue. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to keep efficiency high or even increase it. Check out our tips below.  

Utilize the Cloud 

Taking advantage of cloud-based services for transferring, storing, and backing up data between computers and networks allows employees to work better remotely. Information can be shared faster, and changes seen on the fly. Plus, because data is stored on the cloud and not on a hard drive, security breaches and data loss are less of a detriment with quicker overall recovery time.  

Organize Your Workspace 

A well-organized and ergonomic workstation is incredibly important when working from home so you can get in the proper “zone”. Make sure your chair is comfortable and everything you may need is easily accessible (this includes everything from staplers in your drawer to folders on your computer desktop). Access to natural light is always a plus, as is a view of the outside world so you can give your eyes a rest from the screen. Putting on some motivational music and even things like candles and incense can also add to a productive atmosphere.    

Keep Your Systems Up to Date 

In order to make sure your computer is in tip-top shape, it is important to keep it updated and install all required security, browser, and program updates. This not only prevents security issues, but also helps guarantee documents are being seen in the same software version across the board.  

Stay Connected with Your Team 

Working away from your desk has one major benefit: a quiet environment that allows you to focus completely on your work. The downside is it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on with decreased contact and communication. Person-to-person interaction creates relationships, opens communication lines and helps unify a team, so it is important to reach out frequently, especially when you are outside the office. Stay connected via telephone, which can be forwarded to your home or mobile phone or take the time for a video chat so you can see each other’s faces. Just be mindful of video call etiquette.  

Plan for Downtime 

Keeping track of time is difficult when you are in a new environment. There’s no one to break up the monotony or suggest you go to lunch. You may go long periods of time without taking breaks, forget to eat, sit too long or work too late. Be sure to take short, regular breaks, find an excuse to get up and move your legs, and evaluate your posture regularly. Apps like Toggle can also help to track your time and manage your day outside the office. 

Working from home can bring its own set of new challenges. But utilizing cloud technology, staying organized, up to date, and connected while being mindful of your downtime can reinvent any environment into a productive one. The possibilities are endless, so take the time to set yourself up properly. Before you know it, you’ll feel right at work in your new home office. 

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