How to Make a Big Software Switch Less Intimidating

Oh no you’ve really done it this time!

You’ve met with the vendor. You’ve made the decision. You’ve cut the purchase order. And now? Now you have to go through with it!

A major software change is incredibly intimidating for many agencies seeking an update to their systems. It means dealing with a lot of information, learning new processes, integrating the system, taking the network off-line, and training employees. As a software provider for local governments, schools and utilities, we are no strangers to the intimidation factor. That’s why we’ve pledged a great deal of our efforts towards making the process as pain-free as possible. And this is what we’ve learned.

Choose the right vendor

A startup firm filled with Millennials has different software needs than a government agency. Choosing a vendor that understands your agency’s needs, past, and comfort level with technology ensures a less intimidating transition. At Black Mountain Software, we aren’t the first to rush out and latch on to every latest trend in technology. We must ensure that our technology is tested, proven and beneficial to our clientele.

Select a software company that will minimize the installation and data merging process

Make sure your software representative has a clear understanding of your current systems and what it will take to migrate the information over to a new system. Some companies will give you a lot of lip service about how the data merge is “no problem”, only to find that a lot of your own time is spent working around data that didn’t migrate correctly.

Choose software that will grow with you

It’s hard to anticipate what you might need in the future when it comes to your software, so selecting a software provider that can grow with your company ensures that as your needs change, your software won’t have to.

Pay particular attention to the training and installation process

Switching software vendors is a big commitment and often rests on the shoulders of city clerks or office personnel after implementation regardless of the kind of training they were given on the new system. It is imperative that users of the software receive personalized, hands-on training so the software is functional from the day it is installed and any issues or concerns are addressed before the new software is fully integrated.

Consider what kind of support you will get after the install

As employees come and go, or needs change within an agency, it is important you still receive a high level of support over the years when it comes to your software. Selecting a company with a team of support specialists that know the product well, are available during work hours, and are able to effectively communicate is very important. Sometimes companies outsource the support after the installation to foreign countries that represent a variety of systems, making it more difficult and time consuming to troubleshoot a problem. At Black Mountain Software, our support team is right here in Montana and interacts with our developers and engineers on a regular basis so you can be sure to receive the top level of support available.

Changing software vendors is a big deal. But when you select the right vendor that can integrate your data properly, grow with your agency, provide hands-on training and furnish you with superior support for the lifetime of your software, you can be assured that the process will pay off quickly, providing you with enhanced, efficient software for years to come.

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