New Summit Code Enforcement: Improve Your Efficiency and Streamline Workflow

Originally published for the MLCT/MMIA newsletter, December 2022.

Small town government offices are full of unsung heroes. From the utility clerk that doubles as a receptionist to the planning tech researching variance applications, everyone plays an integral role in providing services that keep our communities functioning safely and effectively. But perhaps the most overlooked role belongs to code enforcement officers, who straddle an inspirational balance between enforcement and empathy as they take the time to educate property owners while resolving reported violations. To honor this role, we created the latest BMS product, Summit Code Enforcement. An all-in-one application that combines the following new features:

  • Seamless Record Management
  • Time-Saving Integration
  • Comprehensive Inspection Information
  • Communications Portal
  • Go Mobile Compatibility
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Robust, Dynamic Reporting

So whether you need documented evidence of an old pickup blocking the public right-of-way or are educating a property owner about the environmental impact of dumping engine oil down the storm drain, Summit Code Enforcement is there for you every step of the way.

Violations can be logged when and how they are received and are organized according to whether they require action or not. Actions, such as communications sent and received, inspections scheduled, or fees assigned, can be viewed from within the violation record and updated throughout the enforcement process. Photos and documents can also be attached to violation records as needed.

Existing BMS clients with Permitting and Cash Receipting will also experience the added benefit of Summit Code Enforcement integration. Property records created in Summit Code Enforcement can be viewed in Permitting and permits created there will display on property records in Summit Code Enforcement. Moreover, fees issued through Summit Code Enforcement will be logged in the violation’s Receipt History and can be receipted through Cash Receipting.

Best of all, Summit Code Enforcement is an entirely web-based application that allows you to go mobile with laptop, smartphone, and tablet compatibility. So, while you’re talking with residents and gathering information, you can also warn inspectors to be wary of large dogs on premises or to watch their step when navigating suburban junkyards in real-time.

Whether on patrol or fielding complaints from the public, code enforcement officers are valuable assets for any municipal organization. And we decided it was time they had a 21st Century software solution designed to streamline workflows, simplify communication, create transparency, and do it all while on the go. It’s our ode to all the code compliance officers out there. We see you and thank you for your service.

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