Chris McGuinness

Chief Technology Officer

Make things as simple as possible,
but not simpler.

— Albert Einstein



Not wanting to make himself feel old, Chris declines to reveal the number of years that he has been designing and building technology systems and architectures. We can tell you, however, that 20 of his years of experience have been with Black Mountain Software. Chris leads his talented team in all aspects of technology management for Black Mountain Software – from hardware maintenance and client support to software programming and product development – and ensures it all fits into Black Mountain Software’s long-term technology plan. It seems likely that the roots of Chris’ career go back to his family roots: his grandfather and many of the family members who followed were extraordinary engineers who put their skills to work designing and building master craftsman wooden boats. Today, StanCraft boats are still sought after for their beauty, speed, and smooth ride. Elegant yet uncomplicated design, high performance, standing the test of time…just like Chris likes to construct our software!

Small Town Story

Chris grew up in the small town of Polson, Montana. If you go to the local high school, home of the Polson Pirates, you may still see his name listed on a tennis plaque or run into a teacher who remembers him. It’s that kind of personal connection – and seeing the contrast to that in world travels – that made Chris realize that he wanted to raise his family in a small town.

Community Service

  • Polson High School Tennis: Volunteer Coach
  • Lake County Search and Rescue: Volunteer team member
  • Polson Fire Department: Volunteer Firefighter
  • Polson Ambulance Service: EMT-B


  • BS in Computer Science, Montana State University

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